Girl Scout Lemon and Thin Mint Cupcakes Available Now at Select Stores


By Cooking Panda

So we all know that Girl Scout cookie season absolutely kills it – and we often wonder, why is it not a year round thing?! Well, they’ve got a new treat for you. No, it’s not their coffee K-cups – but those are great too! If you don’t know about them, Girl Scout makes K-cups based on the cookies they have. 

Now, Girl Scout is making cupcakes to satisfy all you sweet tooths out there. They’re jumping on it early so 2021 will have a strong emphasis on online sales due to safety purposes (we’re all living in a slightly different world these days). These cupcakes come in a package of 12 (bite-sized) and pair really well with their coffee!

The two flavors are their Lemon and Thin Mint-inspired cupcakes.  

I don’t know about you – but between their cookies, these cupcakes and their coffee, it’s almost like I need a whole shelf in my pantry solely dedicated to Girl Scout goods. 

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