Coffee Date Bites

Credits: Running On Veggies

After a satisfying meal, nothing is quite as good as a cup of coffee, paired with a delicious dessert. But what if we told you these two elements could be elegantly fused. Well, let us introduce you to Coffee Date Bites

But these little delights are so much more than just a simple sweet. They double as a nutritious “quick bite”, that you can easily accommodate into your everyday endeavors.

For a lot of us, the morning hours consist of a flurry of rushed deadlines and a multitude of errands. So, if you do manage to exploit the most important meal of the day, it isn’t always a healthy option. But these little bites truly make for the perfect breakfast. Light enough to avoid weighing you down, but packed with enough nutrition and caffeine to really get a jump on the day. And believe us, these delectable bite-sized delights do not skip out on flavor. 

Do you prefer those early morning workouts? These little delights are the perfect pre-workout snack. Not only are they packed with protein provided by the walnuts, but the subtle sugar kick from the dates gives you a pleasant boost. Even more so, the ground coffee is assured to sustain that spike in energy, giving you plenty of motivation for even the most strenuous of exercises. 

Now, if you barely have enough time in your morning routine to get dressed, I’m sure preparing a wholesome meal is out of the question. But worry not! This is the perfect snack to prepare ahead and store away for the perfect time. The simplicity behind these little bites are truly fantastic, no baking required. In fact, the total prep time is under 10 minutes. Perfect for someone with a tight schedule.  

These little treats are so much fun. We love how customizable they are. You can choose whichever coffee you desire. You can even go bolder by adding espresso beans into your grounds. Although the recipe calls for walnuts, you can use any type of nut, or legumes that you prefer. 

Let’s walk through the perfect “date”.

Using a food processor (or a strong blender should work), grind up the coffee beans. (This usually takes about 20-30 seconds.

Once the beans are finely ground, add the cinnamon, vanilla extract, sea salt, and walnuts, and pulsate with the processor (or blender) for another 30 seconds. 

Now, while your processer is blending the ingredients, you can slowly begin to add your dates. continue to add them, one at a time, until the dough begins to form. Don’t be shy, these ingredients need to be thoroughly blended. 

Once you have your dough, mix in any additional walnuts. This really drives the texture and tastes great as well. 

Using a spoon, or small scoop, begin to roll up your dough into little balls. (this specific recipe yields 13 Coffee Date Bites). 

And there you have it! A delicious after-dinner sweet, that also disguises it’s self as a nutritious “pick me up” for your daily activities.

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