Easter Bunny Popcorn Bars


By Jenny Pham

As if popcorn could not get anymore addicting, this Easter Bunny Popcorn Bars takes it to a whole new level. Popcorn can be hard to eat, let’s be real, one kernel per bite isn’t satisfying but placing handfuls of popcorn into your mouth at once isn’t necessarily attractive. We found a happy medium with these popcorn bars because it’s packed, locked and loaded, and ready for you to snack happily.

kettle corn

How could popcorn get any better? We’re not talking about just popcorn here, we’re talking about sweet and crunchy kettle corn. Taking our favorite rice krispie recipe, we’re substituting the rice krispie cereal with gobs of kettle corn and adding in mini Cadbury eggs to celebrate Easter. It sounds like a lot, but every bite is as addicting as the next and you’re going to need a lot of self control with these bars.

Cadbury eggs

Just like any typical rice krispies recipe, you start off by melting butter and marshmallow to create the bond that holds these bars together. Next, mix in the kettle corn until well incorporated and then gently fold in the mini Cadbury eggs. Spread the mixture into a lined pan and let it cool down before snacking.


RECIPE: http://www.keatseats.com/2017/03/easter-egg-popcorn-bars.html

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