The first soup was made of hippopotamus

The first soup was made of hippopotamus

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6,000 Year Old Soup Recipe Reveals Unlikely Ingredients

Archaeologists have uncovered a 6,000 year old soup recipe which includes a highly unique ingredient, hippopotamus meat. The first soup was made hippoof hippopotamus and it was seemingly a highly popular dish at that time. Other ingredients included in this amazing recipe are Sparrows, vegetables, lentils and various types of spices.

The modern word “soup” comes from the “Suppare” which is the Latin word for a type of dish consisting of meat and vegetables cooked in water. Since ancient times, the number of soup recipes has exponentially increased and now numbers in hundreds of thousands. Every country and civilization has their own soup recipe which defines their culture. From famous chicken soup to the exotic bird’s nest soup in Asia, soups is one of the major types of cooking, people are fond of eating.

The archaeological discovery of this amazing recipe is an important leap in understanding how people started using utensils, fire and creativity to produce cooking delicacies. This also shows how recipes seem to be versatile and resilient at the same time. Soup and recipes for it has been with humanity ever since and it is an important thing in order to understand ancient human lifestyles, thousands of years ago.



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