You Never Know What You’ll Get With the New M&Ms Mystery Mix Eggs


By Brittany Won


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You don’t have to wait until Easter to get an egg shaped surprise! 


You can find M&M Mystery Mix Eggs in stores now. Each 8oz bag comes with three flavors: milk chocolate, peanut butter, and double chocolate. (the double chocolate is milk chocolate covered with dark chocolate) 


But you won’t know which flavor you’re having until you bite into the eggs; that’s the surprise. The specked pastel wrapping won’t give you any hints.  



The description on the company website says, “Each festive speckled candy shell hides the true flavor of these Easter egg candies. Will you bite into Peanut Butter, Milk Chocolate, or Double Chocolate M&M’S Candy? Not knowing is part of the fun!” 


According to the M&Ms website each bag costs between $3.33 and $3.99 and online orders have the option of buying 1, 6, or 12 packs.  


Their description suggests filling easter eggs with the surprises, making baked goods with them, or eating them straight out of the bag. 


Personally I think the last option is the best! 


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