Winter Is Here With Red Bull’s Arctic Berry Energy Drink


By Cooking Panda

Yes yes – we have all started to say goodbye to summer and embrace those fall feels, but looks like Red Bull’s already one season ahead of us. With Red Bull’s Newest Winter-Edition Arctic Berry Flavor Energy Drink, winter is here! Who’s excited for cooler months? I know I am! So I’m stoked that Red Bull has decided to jump the gun and launch their Arctic Berry early. 

Even the packaging is a pretty blue to match the winter feels. So far, Red Bull’s Arctic Berry has been spotted at Circle K, Fred Meyer and Kwik Trip. I’m sure the drink will become more widely available in another few months. 

Already thinking about what it tastes like? Well, according to some customers who have already tried this winter drink, they’ve shared mixed reviews so far. One user shared “I’ve tried – it’s bomb. Tastes like raspberry,” while another user didn’t quite share the same sentiment, “I had it last night… It wasn’t that good!” 

I guess we’ll all just have to wait and see until we try it for ourselves. 

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