Will You Try Dunkin’s New Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut?


By Cooking Panda

We’ve seen some of our favorite brands rolling out all sorts of fun fall flavors this month, some crazier than others. Donut and coffee empire Dunkin’ Donuts has taken the challenge on and rolled out something that, we have to say, even surprised us: the new Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut. 

A hot and sweet confection, the Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut is a spin on their classic frosted yeast donut rings, covered in a strawberry icing blended with a bold blend of cayenne and ghost pepper. The daring donut is sprinkled with a sizzling red sugar in case you were still doubting that this is, in fact, spicy. 

As Halloween creeps in, the creepy-crawly Spider Donut is also back on Dunkin’ menus. This frightfully delicious Spider Donut features a classic ring donut with orange icing, topped with a glazed chocolate MUNCHKINS® donut hole treat, chocolate drizzle for the spider legs, and white icing for the eyes to create the sweet eight-legged donut creature.

Will You Try Dunkin's New Spicy Ghost Pepper Donut?

This year’s Halloween lineup will haunt participating Dunkin’ restaurants for a limited time only, while supplies last.

Paired with this wild new release is Dunkin’s #DunkinSpicySide campaign on social media, where Dunkin’ is encouraging people to surprise friends with the hot treat and capture their reactions. These donuts will only be around for a short while this fall season, so if you’re wanting to spring the spice on a friend, we recommend hurrying over now!

Fans are already loving these flavorful creations!

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