White Castle’s Newest “Crave Clutch” is Perfect for Family Meals and Get Togethers


By Cooking Panda

Did you know that White Castle was America’s first fast food hamburger chain and inventor of carryout? Well, White Castle is here to add another innovative container – the Crave Clutch, to its impressive lineup of iconic packaging. Hot off the press – White Castle’s Crave Clutch is making its debut none other than today in White Castle restaurants nationwide. And note – this will be available for a limited time only. 

This is a pretty big deal, you guys! It’s their first new package since White Castle’s 100-count Crave Crate back in 2004. But they are back and ready to disrupt how customers transport its famous Sliders. It can hold up to 20 Sliders, which is perfect for family meals and small get togethers. 

White Castle, America’s first fast-food hamburger chain, is once again disrupting how customers transport its famous Sliders. The colorful Crave Clutch debuts today in all White Castle restaurants and will be available for a limited time. Holding 20 Sliders of any variety, the Crave Clutch sits nicely between the classic 10 Sack and the 30-Slider Crave Case, making it the perfect choice for family meals and small gatherings.

Take it to go and have a socially distanced picnic or enjoy it in the comfort of your own home. Vice President of White Castle, Jamie Richardson, said “The Crave Clutch has been something we’ve been working on behind the ‘Castle walls’ for a while. Faced with the pandemic, we decided that now is an ideal time to introduce this new size of Slider packaging” and “We’ll be here for Cravers when they need to feed a crowd, but today this is about taking care of their own family and close friends.”

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