What’s different in Sam’s Club’s version of Costco’s Flamin Hot snacks


By Cooking Panda

There is some exciting news. Not only has this Flamin’ Hot snack pack been seen once again at Costco, but the word on the street is that now there exists a second Flamin’ Hot bundle box!

The Instagrammer @DadBodSnacks made a post showing the presence of Flamin’ Hot Favorites box at his local Costco. His followers confirmed that they too that had seen it at other locations.

It was pointed out by the people who live in the comment sections that they had seen the same kind of snack box at Sam’s Club.


However, there was a twist, the version that exists at Sam’s Club had Flamin’ Hot Doritos instead of Flamin’ Hot Munchies. According to Sam’s Club’s website, their version costs $11.38.

So you better watch out and stay connected, never know where next the new version would come up.

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