We’re Counting Down till Margarita Time, and Ritas is Doing It Right


By Cooking Panda

Clear out your freezer because you’re going to need some space. If there’s one thing that we can all truly bond over, it’s a tasty margarita. We like them frozen, we like them on the rocks, and now we’re going to love them as ice pops! Ritas is known for it’s ready-to-drink margaritas in tons of yummy flavors from lime to mango, strawberry, you name it! Now they are about to step into summer in style because you can buy these delicious margaritas in frozen, ice pop form! 

Free a Rita margarita icicles

Ritas’ brand-new Freeze-A-Rita Frozen Margarita Icicles do include alcohol, but in the form of our favorite summer treat. Right now there are just two flavors: the original Lime-A-Rita which is based on a classic margarita, and Straw-A-Rita (strawberry flavored margarita). If you love the canned versions of these – and we know you do – you’re really going to love the icicle version. 

These are coming in May 2020, in packs of 12 (6 Lime-A-Rita and 6 Straw-A-Rita). It just keeps getting better and better, because each icicle is only 55 calories (wahoo)! That doesn’t have any impact on the amount of booze, though. Each icicle is 8% ABV, which is the same amount as the canned version of the margarita. Magic!

With these hitting the shelves, summer just got a lot tastier, and pool parties just got a lot more fun! Whether you’re having a few friends over to hang out, or chilling in your inflatable pool all on your own, these are bound to be a hit. 

Image source: Bolde

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