Weird Candy Cane Flavors Coming In Hot


By Cooking Panda

What’s the weirdest flavored candy you’ve ever had in your life? Let me guess – it’s probably a jelly bean that tastes like vomit or boogers. GROSS. But this is not that. Although definitely weird, this is much cuter. I’m talking about candy canes! 

These strange but delightful candy canes can be ordered online from a Seattle-based novelty shop called Archie McPhee that’s known for selling gag gifts and treats. 

Want to give or bring the perfect, fun party favors? Their candy cane line is truly impressive – they’ve got flavors like bacon, ketchup, pizza, pho, clam, mac & cheese, ham and shiitake mushroom. This is the perfect gift to give or send someone – or even better stuff a stocking full of assorted flavors. I know fall has barely begun, but now I’m already looking forward to the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays – anyone with me?

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