Watermelon Sugar High with Mountain Dew’s Newest Permanent Soda Flavor


By Cooking Panda

Watermelon sugar high, Watermelon sugar high – Harry Styles, anyone? His song is the jam! But okay, onto more exciting news – Mountain Dew is releasing a Watermelon Flavored Soda and it looks like it’ll be one of their permanent flavors. That’s right – it’s not limited-edition or seasonal only, which Mountain Dew has typically done. For example, remember their VooDew Flavor for Halloween or how about their Snap’d flavor for Christmas?

Mountain Dew’s newest Major Melon (watermelon) doesn’t really go with the season, and I am okay with that! This one hasn’t hit the shelves just yet though, folks – it is expected to launch in January 2021. It also looks like Mountain Dew will be releasing it in a Zero Sugar flavor, as well, and they’ll be available in cans and bottles!

Did I mention Mountain Dew Major Melon also has the Super Bowl’s launch support? That’s right – you might be seeing a commercial featuring this Mountain Dew flavor. 

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