Want to Float in a Floating Cheese Barge Restaurant


By Cooking Panda

Brittania might not be on top of the ladder, but a cheese-obsessed British chef is determined to rule the waves yet again.

Attention hearties! London is about to get hit by a literal cheese barge.

Matthew Carver, the cheese-obsessed genius, promises that his newly created Cheese Barge will bring a nautical element to his empire. Didn’t spring suddenly became a lot more appealing?

Want to float in a Floating cheese barge restauran

The nautically-themed Electa Bookshop in Venice is the source of inspiration for the Barge. Somerset is where the Barge is being constructed. Post completion, the boat will be big enough to accommodate 40 covers of canal-bound cheese lubbers. And if you’re in one of those 40 then you’ll get a chance to spoil yourself with the most beautiful artisanal cheese.

The menu, as per Evening Standard includes an array of classic cheese-themed dishes:

  • Devils on Horseback – a delicious combination of Medjool dates stuffed with stilton and wrapped in bacon,
  • fried curried cheddar curds,
  • and goats curd served with lamb scrumpets.

However, for the cheese-enthusiasts of London, this won’t be their first experience with Carver’s creativity with cheese. Apart from this Cheese Bar located in Camden Market, he also has the world’s first conveyor-belt cheese restaurant to his name. It is situated at Seven Dials in the West End. Now that he is conquered land and sea, it’d be safe to assume; the sky must be his next goal.

The exact launch dates have not been confirmed. However, the Barge is scheduled to open in April. However, it will, for sure, have a berth reserved at Sheldon Square, Paddington Central.

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