Want some Plant-Based Food? Let’s see what Burger King CEO has to say about that!


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Remember last year plant-based Impossible Whopper were added in over 7,200 Burger King locations nationwide? That was just the beginning; CEO Jose Cil believes that plant-based options are “a core element of our business long-term.”

Burger King CEO Jose Cil seems confident about the company’s plans of going “all in” as the fast-food chain further explores plant-based options. The addition of Impossible Whopper to the menu of 59 St. Louis, MO location, was a test at the reception of meat-free options by consumers before the burger introduced across more than 7200 nationwide locations in August. As you all loved it, especially you the vegans, Burger King has since gone all out and has been consistently experimenting with the plant-based Impossible Burger patty on other portions of the menu. Having even tried it in kid’s meals in addition to classic cheeseburgers and the downsized Jr. Whoppers, the company’s commitment is unquestionable.

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Cil certainly is confident as while talking to Yahoo Finance, he said “I think it’s just the beginning. It’s a brand new category, it’s a category we are leading not just in the U.S. but globally. And we think there is a lot of work to do still in terms of raising awareness, what are the benefits of it, and then being able to offer some different products as well as occasions so that the consumer could expand their knowledge of the product. We are all in.”

The addition of Impossible Whopper to the “two for $6” promotional menu by Burger King triggered many media outlets as they felt this was a clear enough indication that the plant-based burger was on its way down. However, Cil calmed everyone down when he explained that the discount on the Impossible Whopper was just another way to explore the new option’s viability. Cil asserted “We felt introducing it in the two for $6 allowed us to make it accessible to a broader group of consumers, That over time will help us build on plant-based as a core element of our business long-term.”

Need more information on timelines? Late January, with the expansion of the partnership between Burger King and Impossible Foods, the testing for the Impossible Croissan’wich began at 139 locations across the nation. Perfect for breakfast, Croissan’wich is made with plant-based company’s newest product, Impossible Pork.

Image source: Burger King

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