Velveeta Drops New Luxurious Skincare Line


By Brittany Won

By Yasmine Cardenas

Velveeta Drops New Luxurious
Velveeta Drops New Luxurious Skincare Line


Firstly, Let’s talk skincare! Kraft Heinz’s Velveeta has dropped a brand new luxury skincare line that you need to add to your daily skincare routine. So Yes, it’s the same Velveeta that makes the delicious shells and cheese.


The “V by Velveeta” line includes three products: a renewal serum that replenishes and brightens, providing “radiant golden glows.” A “rich and creamy” daily moisturizer that hydrates nourish and protects. And lastly, a nourishing night cream that “revitalizes your skin’s natural, creamy complexion.” 


Its sleek black packaging exudes grandeur likening it to the ranks of Drunk Elephant, Biossance, and Glossier. 


The brand claims “V by Velveeta” products “are inspired by the unmatchable creaminess of Velveeta liquid gold. And have been meticulously designed to make your skin feel smooth, hydrated, and moisturized.” 


Dr. Muneeb Shah or better known as @dermdoctor on Tik Tok announced the release of this new skincare line in an ad-style video. Dr. Shah claims he is “one of the first people to test it out” and urges his followers to check back in a few days for a review. 



New Velveeta Skincare! Not available yet & I’m first to review! @cheesy_velveeta #AD #VbyVelveeta

♬ SAVE ME – Ben Garlock


The three product line is a very limited drop that is available between March 30 to April 1. Then To obtain access to these products, consumers are required to add their names to a waitlist. Talk about exclusive.


Velveeta is just one of the many brands that are having a bit of fun as April Fool’s Day approaches. Though this may not be a real skincare line, I think Velveeta could be on to something. 


In a world full of vampire and bee sting facials, cheese-like skincare products don’t seem too out of the box. In conclusion, maybe one-day liquid gold will be the next best thing in skincare!


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