United Airlines Replacing Biscoff Cookies With Oreo Thins


By Cooking Panda

Are you one of those who lost their peaceful poise and joined the internet rage over United Airline’s decision to replace Lotus Bakeries’ Biscoff cookies with Oreo Thins. Well, you can calm yourself down, chief! The crowd favorite Biscoff cookie is being brought back by the airline. As it turns out, the swap from Biscoff to Oreo as a part of United Airline’s complimentary service is only going to be temporary.

As confirmed to Eater by a spokesperson for the airline, the Biscoff cookies are going to be back in May. The spokesperson said that they switch around and different snacks are offered in the complimentary service throughout the year.

Apparently, complaining online does pay off! These clarifications came right after the internet freaked the eff out over the thought of having to say goodbye to free Biscoff cookies on their flights. So relax, the part-caramel, part-spice and part-shortbread cookies will be back.

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