Ube Crinkle Cookies


By Jenny Pham

Similar to matcha (green tea), ube has become such a trendy flavor in many Asian desserts and drinks – the sweet notes of this purple yam work beautifully in many pastries, sweet drinks, and ice cream! Having originated from the Philippines, ube has grown in popularity over the past years in American markets and have started to flood the Instagram world. It’s vibrant purple color stands out amongst the usual neutral tones of bread and pastries, which sparks curiosity amongst people.

Ube Crinkle Cookies

Serving as the “vanilla” flavoring of Asian treats, ube has a distinct taste that you won’t be able to get enough of. For this Ube Crinkle Cookie recipe, we’re straying away from the usual sugar cookie recipe we all know and love and incorporating a different kind of “vanilla”. The two key ingredients in this recipe are the ube flavor extract and ube jam which aren’t readily available in American grocery stores, but could easily be found on Amazon. The good news is, you can omit additional food coloring since the ube jam and extract comes in a vibrant purple tone that will make your cookies Instagram-ready straight out of the oven.

Ube Crinkle Cookies

Are you ready for soft, chewy, and ube-r delicious cookies? We certainly are!

Recipe: Ube Crinkle Cookies


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