Trade a Photo of Your Ex and Get a Free Whooper this Valentine’s Day


By Cooking Panda

We all know it very well… Valentine’s Day is near! You don’t have any ideas for it, and thinking about your ex is just irritating you? Don’t worry! Burger King can trade all your not-so-romantic memories for a mouthwatering burger.

Burger King has come up with an exciting and creative idea for which you can get a free Whopper from your ex. Are you confused? Here is the deal. In some selected locations of Los Angeles, New York City, Boston, and San Francisco, you will find “breakup boxes” that are Birds of Prey themed. All you have to do is bring a photograph of your ex and put it inside the box. Finally, you’re going to get at least something right out of your ex.

It is for sure that you must have a photograph of your ex somewhere with you if you are not able to find it, No Worries! You can also come up with any of the pain remains of them that you have such as letters, gifts, and stuffed toys, and so on. Isn’t it such a fantastic way to relieve pain and get a burger?

If you think that this deal is entirely too much for you and you will not be able to access it as it is far from you, Burger King has another exciting deal for you. You have to answer five questions of the in-app quiz, and you will be getting a $3 Whopper.

Hence, spend this Valentine’s Day with loyal hamburgers than your ex. Who knew you could get a delicious burger for your wrong choice.

Image Source: MULLENLOWE

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