Totino’s Upgrades Its Pizza Rolls With New Totino’s Toastables


By Cooking Panda

Totino’s Pizza Rolls are a childhood favorite that have resolutely stayed as a favorite into adulthood. Small pillows of delicious cheese, sauce, and pepperoni, with a side serving of nostalgia? Sign me up. The only downside is sitting and staring at the oven while you wait for them to heat up.

Now, Totino’s is offering a whole new way to enjoy, with what seems like a much shorter wait. The new Totino’s Toastables have been spotted on shelves, and while there isn’t a ton of information available about the new product, the Toaster Strudel appearance makes it seem like you’re just a toaster away from munching on your new favorite snack.

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NEW From Totinos Toastables -Chicken quesadilla -Pepperoni

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Totino’s Toastables come in two flavors. There’s the classic Pepperoni Pizza – think of a Pizza Roll, just in much bigger form. Additionally, there’s a Chicken Quesadilla Toastable, which has chicken, cheese, and a tomato-based sauce. It sounds like you can’t go wrong either way. 

Totino’s hasn’t made any official announcements about the Toastables yet, but make sure to scour the freezer section next time you’re at the grocery store. Maybe you’ll get lucky and find these giant Pizza Rolls already on the shelves.

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