The Best Chocolate Cake Ever


By Jenny Pham

This decadent chocolate cake recipe is the gateway to pure happiness – to chocolate utopia. Chocolate cake comes in many different shapes and textures but this one takes the cake in our opinion (pun intended).

The moist chocolate cake interior is covered with a silky dark chocolate frosting to balance out the sweetness and packed with chocolate chips that gives mini bursts of melted chocolate in every bite. We’re covering the cake-making basics but also adding in ingredients that will elevate this cake to new levels you may never thought possible.

There comes a time for made-from-scratch recipes and other times, it’s better to just throw in the towe, trust the process, and use premixed ingredients. For this recipe, we’re cutting the prep time down and heading straight to the boxed cake mix aisle so you can indulge sooner.

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The secret to unlocking the amount of moisture in this cake stems from a couple key ingredients – instant chocolate pudding mix and sour cream. The instant chocolate pudding mix, when combined with the wet ingredients of the cake, works it magic and makes sure the cake does not come out crumbly. The sour cream, on the other hand, adds a touch of tartness to the sweet notes of the cake. We’ve tested the recipe with boxed cake mix that is inclusive of instant pudding mix and alternatively, boxed cake mix without instant pudding mix, adding in instant pudding mix separately. It must have something to do with the amount of pudding mix that is included in the pre-mixed box, but we found that the latter yields a more pillowy cake (commence drooling).

The Best Chocolate Cake Ever

So, get ready to channel your inner Bruce Bogtrotter, this cake is so good, you might eat the whole thing in one sitting.

The Best Chocolate Cake Ever

Recipe: The Best Chocolate Cake Ever


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