Tater Tot Hotdish


By Jenny Pham

Hotdishes truly encompasses all that is good in the culinary world – meat/protein, vegetables, creamed soup, and a starch. Talk about a well balanced meal! The best part of hotdishes is that they can be made in advanced, frozen, and reheated so if you’re looking for a good recipe to meal prep for this week, look no further.

Hotdishes are basically casseroles that are widely popular in the Upper Midwest. With so many starch, protein, vegetable, and soup combinations to choose from, they can be tailored to anyone’s liking. It is perfect for any holiday, potluck, or just your plain everyday meal.

Tater Tot Hotdish

For this hotdish recipe, we are opting for tater tots as our starch to add a layer of crunch, ground beef for our protein, a medley of vegetables, and a made-from-scratch creamy soup base. Nothing beats having a comforting plate of hotdish on a cold weather day – especially if it’s a plate of this Tater Tot Hotdish!

Tater Tot Hotdish

Recipe: http://mynameisyeh.com/mynameisyeh/2017/10/classic-tater-tot-hotdish


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