Talenti’s Pumpkin Pie Layers Is All The Best Part of Pumpkin Pie With None of the Hassle


By Cooking Panda

Sad but true: pies are a rare and special treat. It makes sense. With all the work that goes into making them, they really are a dessert best saved for special occasions. Maybe, if you’re lucky, someone will bake a blueberry pie for Labor Day. Otherwise, you have to make sure you get a slice of the pumpkin and apple pies on Thanksgiving because you probably won’t see them for another year.


Talenti, the popular gelato brand, has come up with a simple and excellent solution to this problem. Why make a whole pie when you can buy pumpkin pie gelato? And not just gelato flavored with pumpkin spice, but gelato that includes all the best things we love about pumpkin pie.

Talenti Gelato’s new Pumpkin Pie Layers does just that. Each jar combines layers of pumpkin gelato with a layer of brown sugar sauce, and two layers of actual pie crust pieces. All the flavors of pumpkin pie filling, plus the crunchy goodness of buttery pie crust. If you’re craving pumpkin pie but Thanksgiving is weeks away and the thought of pulling out a rolling pin is too much, definitely check out Talenti Gelato’s Pumpkin Pie Layers – all the right flavors with no effort required.

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