Talenti Brings on the Layers with 4 New Flavors


By Brittany Won

What’s better than birthday cake ice cream? Well I will tell you it’s a five layer jar of Talenti Gelato Confetti Cookie. This new concoction of the Talenti Gelato Layers plays on the iconic childhood flavor of confetti birthday cake. It’s birthday magic rests in its five delectable layers. It’s layers include vanilla gelato, vanilla cookie pieces, pink cream cheese frosting, more vanilla gelato, and a full layer of rainbow sprinkles. 


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According to the Talenti website this flavor is “a birthday celebration in a jar.” There is something special about an ice cream that can take you back to some of the happiest moments in your life and who wouldn’t love a bit of nostalgia in each spoonful? 

Confetti Cookie is just one of four newest flavors in the layers lineup which rounds out to 20 layers available. The others include Cookies and Cream, Strawberry Shortcake, and Chocolate Pretzel. 


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Cookies and Cream takes on a new form that includes cookies and cream gelato, chocolate cookies, dulce de leche, vanilla gelato, and cookie crumbs.

Lovers of this sweet dessert will love the Strawberry Shortcake. It is made up of strawberry gelato, shortbread pieces, strawberry rhubarb sauce, more strawberry gelato and shortbread pieces. 

If you enjoy the sweet and salty combo then  Chocolate Pretzel will make you swoon. This flavor  is divided into layers of salted pretzel gelato, chocolate waffle cone pieces, salted pretzel sauce, vanilla gelato, and chocolate chunks.

Talenti Gelato has an eye for turning classic ice cream flavors into decadent gelato treats in every  jar. 

You can expect to see these new layers in retailer freezers in February.

It is sure to be a celebration whether you’re dipping your spoon into a birthday bash or you’re trying the other fun flavors in the line. 


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