Bugging Out: These Women Found Worms In Their McDonald’s Meal — Twice


By Cooking Panda

Call me a picky eater, but there are just some things I do not want in my sandwich.

I’ll be lenient if the jam/peanut butter ratio is off; I will begrudgingly deal with a sandwich that has gone soggy with too many tomatoes; but, no matter how many people try to convince me otherwise, I will never tolerate worms in my sandwiches.

Luckily, I’ve never actually encountered any worm crawling out of my meals — but these women did at McDonald’s. Twice.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Lacey Jo Lovett of Kentucky said she was just finishing polishing off her McChicken from a McDonald’s when she discovered a worm coyly hiding on the sandwich wrapper, under a piece of lettuce.

Perhaps the incident would be forgivable were it isolated; after all, that worm could have came from anywhere, right?

Wrong. Just two days prior, AJC reports that Madison Stephens had also experienced a similar situations at a McDonald’s in Kentucky just 25 miles away.

According to Stephens, she was halfway through chowing down on her fish sandwich when a worm plopped out of it and started wiggling it’s bold and merry way toward her 1-year-old son’s cheeseburger.

“If I hadn’t seen that worm, my son would have eaten that because it was already on top of his sandwich,” she told WPSD. “That’s how close he came to eating it.”

McDonald’s restaurant employees took no action, due to Stephens’ inability to procure a receipt; later, after complaining to McDonald’s officials, the company awarded her a $10 gift card via mail.

“That scared me, and as a mom, I don’t want another child to have to experience something like that,” she told WPSD, adding that she didn’t want money; she’d have been more satisfied with a health department inspection.

“Food quality and safety are a top priority for us. We will continue to take all appropriate measures to gather all facts and resolve the matter,” a McDonald’s spokesman said in a statement following the incident, per AJC.

The owner-operator of the two restaurants, Michael Love, also followed up to announce that he was unable to substantiate both Lovett’s and Stephens’ claims, adding that health department inspections occurred and did not uncover any wormy problems.

Sources: Atlanta Journal Constitution, WPSD / Photo credit: McDonald’s/Instagram

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