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Enjoy Unlimited Appetizers At TGI Fridays Whenever


By Cooking Panda

If you love the TGI Fridays endless apps deal, or if you simply haven’t been able to catch it in time before it’s over, you’ll be happy to know that the deal is back for good! Endless apps at TGI Fridays are now available all day, every day.

TGI Fridays has announced via a PR Newswire that guests can come in and order any of the most popular appetizers for $10 per person, and keep getting free refills for their entire stay! These popular app options include mozzarella sticks, loaded potato skins, BBQ chicken flatbread, pot stickers, boneless buffalo wings, and meatballs and fried pickles (which are new to the menu).

The endless apps launch is effective immediately in restaurants nationwide, and we’re betting once everyone gets wind of this, they’ll be rushing to their nearest TGI Fridays location.

“Endless Apps have become a pop culture phenomenon, as evidenced by the outcry we heard every time the limited time offer expired,” said TGI Fridays’ CEO. “We want our guests to have a great time every time they visit us, so we’re giving the people what they want — Endless Apps at any time. It’s just one more way we’re making sure ‘In Here, It’s Always Friday.'”

While the endless Endless Apps deal is huge news, there’s even more! The restaurant will also be offering seven new burgers on its menu: two new specialty cheeseburgers; a BBQ’n Burger, with classic and white barbecue sauces; a Buffalo Wingman’s Burger, with a skewer of buffalo wings; a Jack Daniel’s Burger; a turkey burger, and a vegetarian black bean and avocado burger.

So, there you have it. You can get anything you need from this American restaurant bar, and now with plenty of burger options and endless apps for the table.

“TGI Fridays provides the ultimate social bar vibe where our guests can unwind and reconnect over an array of Endless appetizers or one of our new all-natural, custom-cooked burgers, ” said one TGI Fridays spokesperson. “And, as always, they can wash it down with an ice-cold craft beer or a handcrafted cocktail, like our new Ultimate Boba Long Island Iced Tea, mixed by the best bartenders in the business.”

I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling a burger and some wings right about now.

Source: TGI Fridays Press Release / Photo Credit: TGI Fridays/Instagram

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Shred Your Ex’s Photo For Free Valentine’s Day Wings


By Cooking Panda

If you’re sad about being alone this Valentine’s Day, perk up for free wings. All you have to do to enjoy yourself is bring a picture of your ex and shred it at Hooters.

Thrillist reports that the restaurant is offering this deal with a purchase of 10 boneless wings. Basically, you order the wings, shred the picture and then get another 10 boneless wings free of charge. Because, well, treat yourself! There’s no need to hate Valentine’s Day when there can be something in it for everyone. And who doesn’t love free wings? There’s an added satisfaction to taking the picture into Hooters and shredding it, since they put it through an actual shredder for you. I imagine that something about watching that happen just feels right.

For those who wish to stay in on Valentine’s Day, you can even shred the picture virtually and print the coupon and get your wings to go. Who says eating wings at home alone can’t be a good time? I mean, it’s not what I prefer but maybe that’s the right choice for some.

You have to go in on Feb. 14, 2017, to get the deal, according to Maxim, and you can get your free wings in any of the 17 sauces or any of the dry rubs your heart desires. You’ll even get help from the Hooters girls, to make it a more lively and spunky event, rather than pitiful and heartbreaking.

The same deal has been enjoyed in the past, and last year over 25,000 single and lonely people took advantage of the online version of this deal on Valentine’s Day.

And hey, if ripping your ex’s picture to shreds isn’t quite harsh enough for you, the deal offers the option to burn it as well. So don’t knock the promo before you’ve tried it. Who knows what demons are still lurking under your calm exterior. I bet burning the picture might feel pretty nice.

The only catch to this (that I can imagine) is there are probably many people who would burn a picture of a current S.O., or an ex before an ex or something in order just to get free wings. Whatever the case, I guess the point is to enjoy your V-Day.

Sources: Thrillist, Maxim / Photo Credit: Hooters

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Wings And Pizza Sales Are Down Because Of The NFL


By Cooking Panda

Football season and wings usually go hand in hand. Don’t most people enjoy watching their teams while enjoying wings and beer at the local sports bar, or Buffalo Wild Wings?

Sure, they do. But, as Marketplace reports, NFL viewership is down 12% and Buffalo Wild Wings (BWW) isn’t feeling so much of the usual love. Business Insider reported that BWW has seen a 1.6 percent decline in sales revenue compared to the same quarter in 2015.

So what could be the problem? Why are we watching less football today than in years past?

Grub Street speculates that it could have something to do with the NFL’s increasingly bad reputation as it pertains to domestic abuse, brain injuries, racial slurs and politicized national anthems. Or, maybe it’s because the 2016 election has everyone’s attention right now, and things will go back to normal once it’s over.

Either way, according Stephen Burke, CEO of NBC Universal, the networks don’t appear to be too worried. “We’re watching it, and obviously you’d rather have ratings up than down, but having ratings decline modestly and still be very very strong properties doesn’t cause us too much concern,” Burke said on an earnings call, Broadcasting & Cable reports.

Restaurants on the other hand are trying to come up with a backup plan. They’re even considering showing other types of sports and teams on their screens. After all, 10% of the revenue of most sports bars and restaurants like BWW reportedly comes from the hours they are playing the popular NFL games, Grub Street reports.

Would you go into BWW for beer and wings and soccer? Or how about for beer and wings and cricket? Just doesn’t quite feel as right. Personally, I don’t need much of an excuse to want to scarf chicken wings, but 10% is a pretty large number when you consider how big BWW really is.

It could all boil down to a “weird” NFL schedule, to which BWW attributed a similar problem in 2015, when sales fell almost a whole percentage point. Wingstop even had the same problem. Most likely, the cause is a combination of these circumstances, and hopefully it will all blow over soon.

Sources: Business InsiderMarketplace, Grub Street, Broadcasting & Cable / Photo credit: Buffalo Wild Wings/Instagram

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