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Trader Joe’s Now Heroically Offers Canned Wine For $4


By Cooking Panda

Ah, Trader Joe’s. What would I do without you?

When I was younger, you couldn’t bribe me with enough candy and Lisa Frank folders to get me to willingly go to any store other than Costco, and that’s just because my sisters and I used to make a game out of who could score the most free samples in under an hour.

As an adult, however, I almost find myself wishing sometimes that rather than meeting my friends at a bar, just once somebody would suggest going to hang out at Trader Joe’s.

The supermarket is a bastion of affordable and high-quality food, and always stocks an assortment of random goodies that almost never fail to be supremely satisfying.

Latest on its list of magical offerings is its new line of canned wines, called, elegantly: Simpler Wines.

TJ’s is selling the cans in four-packs for a measly $4, and they come in two different flavors: Simples Wines White and Simpler Wines Rose.

Simpler Wines combine the convenience of a can with a delightfully quaffable, Italian vino frizzante (sparkling wine),” Trader Joe’s writes on its website. “In Simpler Wines White, notes of juicy honeydew and fresh cut herbs provide sweet sippability, complementing such savory pairings as fresh bread & olives or Parmigiano Reggiano. The elegant, mineral notes and red fruit flavors of Simpler Wines Rose are a natural fit for fresh pasta, seafood or sweets.”

What’s more, the aluminum cans make an effort to be economically friendly, and double as both a container and a cup. They’re also lightweight, which means you can truly just tuck a can into your bag and drink one on the go if you, like me, often find yourself in situations where a little pick-me-up in the form of wine wouldn’t go unappreciated.

Are you excited about the new four-packs? I can see myself making this my new summer drink staple.

Source: Trader Joe's / Photo Credit: Trader Joe's

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Lady Gaga Is Getting Into The Wine Business!


By Cooking Panda

Lady Gaga is joining the wine business! She is taking her love of crisp whites to the next level by launching her own brand, Grigio Girls.

Eater reports that Gaga’s love for wine is well-known; she’s even mentioned it in her “Telephone” song. Now, she has announced that she’s going to be naming her new brand “Grigio Girls,” after a bonus track on her 2016 album, “Joanne.”

According to TMZ, that song was inspired by Gaga’s friend Sonja, who has cancer. She sings about how she and her friends would gather, drink wine and cry for Sonja. It only makes sense, then, that this would be Gaga’s next venture.

There hasn’t been an exact answer about what drinks will be offered, or when, but the paperwork has been filed to produce wine, wine coolers, wine cocktails and punches. My guess is that they’re all white wine-based, since that’s what Gaga seems to favor.

It’s probably also safe to assume that the wine will be available at Joanne Trattoria, her family’s Manhattan restaurant. In case you don’t remember, Gaga and her father collaborated to produce an Italian cookbook inspired by said restaurant. So, knowing that she’s a foodie, we should have seen this coming. What foodie doesn’t also love wine? They pair so well together.

It’s time to keep our eyes and ears peeled for when this new wine brand will hit the shelves! The rest of us wine lovers need to know. How much will the wine cost? What will it pair with? If I get her cookbook and try pairing her new Pinot Grigio with Joanne’s meatballs, how will that go?

So many questions! I know she’s been busy performing at Super Bowls and whatnot, but let’s get this going. Gaga fans and winos alike will be waiting for it to be released. Who knows? Maybe a new cookbook will surface and feature delicious wine pairings. We can hope, can’t we?

Sources: Eater, TMZ / Photo Credit: Oyster Bah/Instagram

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Is White Wine Linked To Skin Cancer?


By Cooking Panda

Gird yourself, folks: if you were planning, like I certainly was, to indulge in a glass (or five) of wine over the holiday season, you might want to read this first.

A large new study that was published in an American Association for Cancer Research journal has just come out with the disheartening news that, because alcohol actually creates a carcinogenic byproduct when it is metabolized, it could actually increase your risk of certain types of cancers.

The study reports that drinkers have a 14 percent higher chance of contracting melanoma than nondrinkers, and if you drink 20 or more grams (0.7 ounces or more) of alcohol per day, you have a 73 percent higher risk of skin cancers in areas that generally do not amass a great amount of sun exposure.

I know, I know: we’ve all heard the news before that red wine is actually supposed to be good for us, if consumed in moderation. Perhaps that explains why the study found that actually white wine contains higher levels of the carcinogenic byproduct found in alcohol, compared to its rosy twin.

“A total of 1,374 cases of invasive melanoma were documented during 3,855,706 person-years of follow-up,” the case results read, saying that alcohol intake ultimately is “associated with a modest increase in the risk of melanoma, particularly in UV-protected sites.”

Also, while they don’t know exactly why, researchers found that white wine drinkers were at a 13 percent higher risk of melanoma compared to beer drinkers, or other liquor drinkers as well.

Look: nobody is saying if you have a single sip of alcohol — particularly white wine — that you’re going to necessarily be in trouble. We all know that simply isn’t true!

However, do keep in mind that if you are at high risk for melanoma (if you have fair skin, a family history of skin cancer or have had melanoma before), perhaps you should keep all of these factors in mind before you choose what beverage to have.

Sources: AACR / Photo Credit: Dobromira/Instagram

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Brilliant Woman Turns Her Fridge Into A Wine Dispenser


By Cooking Panda

When I woke up this morning, I was feeling so inspired and ready to set myself a list of goals and resolutions for the new year, seeing as December is almost over.

Honestly, now that Metro has made me aware of Clare, a beauty marketing and blogging genius from Manchester, England, I recognize that it was all for naught. This woman is seriously life goals, people — we should all aspire to just be her next year.

You know those fancy refrigerators that dispense water for you? Well, Clare owns one of those bad boys … and she also came up with perhaps the most innovative and rewarding hack for it of all time.

That’s right, everybody: she thought to fill up the water tray with a bottle of boozy white wine, and when she put her glass up to the spout, it dispensed cool, refreshing wine for her.

It may not be hydrating, but it sure is neat!

I don’t even own a fridge that performs this function, but I’m already racking my brain trying to recall all of my contacts who do, so that I can suggest how they could serve refreshments at their next holiday party.

Believe me, I’m not alone in my awe of Clare. She posted her hack on Dec. 11, and now, two days later, she has already received more than 180,000 likes for her tweet.

“You should have got Time Person of The Year with this idea,” said one Twitter user.

“This is the best idea I’ve ever seen,” congratulated another.

Are you going to copy Clare this holiday season?

Sources: Clare/Twitter, Metro / Photo Credit: Clare/Twitter

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According To Science, White Wine Is Better With Cheese


By Cooking Panda

When we close our eyes and imagine ourselves tucking in with a loved one to a charcuterie board paired with wine, we immediately envision ourselves in a dimly lit room, popping lactic pills with — you guessed it — a glass of red on the table.

Red wine has earned itself a pretty strong reputation over the years for its health benefits and antioxidant properties. And let’s face it: it looks dang sexy in a glass.

However, some research has slowly but steadily been demonstrating that white wine itself has vindication — possibly even superior — qualities.

Per Munchies, the Centre for Taste and Feeding Behavior has released an article titled “Use of Multi-Intake Temporal Dominance of Sensations to Evaluate the Influence of Cheese on Wine Perception.”

Essentially, the researchers confirm that anybody who chooses a glass of white wine to sip on with their cheese is doing it right, because apparently, it appears to pair better with our favorite dairy product than does red wine.

Thirty-one participants took three sips each of Pacherenc, Sancerre, Bourgogne and Madiran wines. Next, they were instructed to imbibe those same wines, only to intersperse their sipping with bites of Epoisses, Comte, Roquefort and Crottin de Chavignol in between.

Ugh. What we wouldn’t give to have been participants in a study such as this one…

The scientists then used a method called multi-intake temporal dominance of sensations (TDS), which prompted participants to first associate the taste in their mouth with a word projected on a screen, and then redraft their associations as the taste evolved. Next, participants subjectively rated the wine, by itself and then paired with the cheeses.

The results? White wines were perceived as more refreshing, pleasant, and less astringent than reds were when consumed with cheese. The cheeses also apparently tasted better when paired with the white wines than they did all on their own (although we would never turn down cheese… ever…)

“This protocol could be a first approach toward developing an interesting tool for the food sector which would help to better understand perception of the impact of one food product on another, leading eventually to a better description of a whole meal,” states the article, according to Munchies.

Sources: Munchies, KQED Food / Photo Credit: Artisanal Cheese

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