Truck Spills 45,000 Pounds Of Bolognese Sauce In A Delicious But Tragic Accident


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On Sept. 12, in Shopshire, England, a large truck, or lorry, created a food mess of meaty proportions.

The truck appears to have been hauling at least 22 tons, or about 45,000 pounds of spaghetti Bolognese. The Shropshire Star reports that police aren’t sure what caused the accident, and that the driver declined to comment.

A police spokesman said, “There were around 20 tonnes of spaghetti Bolognese and it was just loose, the incident happened at about 11 a.m. and it appears no one was hurt which is the main thing.”

I’m always glad to learn that no one was hurt in these kinds of ordeals, but what was this driver doing with so much spaghetti? The road behind him is covered in orange pasta and sauce…

As he has declined to comment, we can only speculate. Was all of this premade for a restaurant? Perhaps the driver’s conscience kicked in while on his way to deliver, and he thought: “This Italian staple should only be enjoyed fresh and homemade!”

Probably…not. But it really should be enjoyed fresh and homemade.

Unfortunately for other drivers on the road, traffic was severely slowed and detoured in other directions.

The saddest part of this whole thing, to me, is the giant waste of such a tasty food. Seeing it strewn all over the highway and the truck almost makes me want to cry! And whoever was meant to receive that delivery is undoubtedly upset on a much larger scale. Also, I hate to think of the feelings of those who cooked all of that food!

Even worse…They’re going to have to roll up their sleeves and start all over again. How tragic!

Sources: Eater, Shropshire Star / Photo credit: Shropshire Star

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Food Truck Owner: The Devil Made Me Barbecue The Family Dog


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Arizona police say they took a food truck owner into custody for cooking the family dog in his smoker, all because he didn’t like his teenage daughter’s t-shirt. Yes, really. 

Patrick Zane Thompson, the 42-year-old owner of Raging Cajun Smoking BBQ, a food truck catering service, reportedly confessed to sacrificing the family dog after officers arrived at the scene and found him lying on the sidewalk speaking incoherently, according to KPHO/KTVK.

After Thompson saw his 17-year-old daughter wearing a shirt that he believed had to do with the devil, he made his daughter remove the shirt and watch him burn it in the barbeque smoker in their side yard.

But Thompson’s family said that he became more and more erratic when he went back into the house, telling his whole family that he needed to sacrifice a male. It had to be either himself, his firstborn son who is six years old, or the family dog. The family tried to escape, but Thompson managed to grab the 15-pound white toy poodle.

And it only gets worse from there.

According to police, Thompson ignored his family’s desperate and repeated pleas not to hurt the dog. He broke the canine’s neck and strangled it until it “could not breathe.” He later told police that he had to complete the sacrifice by throwing the family pet into a “lake of fire” and placed the dog in the heating portion of the smoker.

Once police arrived, they found an open flame that firefighters had to put out. In the smoker, they found the remains of the dog.

Thompson reportedly told police that he had smoked marijuana during the day and was having an “episode” involving a vision that God was going to kill him and he needed to provide a male sacrifice.

Police say that Thompson’s wife of 21 years asked them to charge the man, who will be held on at least $100,000 bail.

Sources: KPHO/KTVK, Raging Cajun Smoking BBQ Photo credit: Monika M. Wahi/Wikimedia Commons

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50,000 Pounds Of Potatoes Stuck On Interstate


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Drivers heading down an interstate in Charlotte, North Carolina, faced a major setback when 50,000 pounds of potatoes spilled from a truck, covering the freeway.

The tractor trailer crashed into the interstate median late in the evening on May 5, scattering thousands of potatoes across the road, WSOC reports. The driver, who reportedly told those at the scene that he had fallen asleep at the wheel, was trapped in the truck while parts of it burst into flames

“We stopped immediately and saw a guy try to crawl out of the cab,” witness Grant Wales told WSOC. “Saw a lot fire going on, so I ran to him. His leg was pinned, tried pulling him out.”

The driver will likely face a charge of failure to maintain lane control, although falling asleep at the wheel is not a chargeable offense. He is expected to make a full recovery.

The impact was so hard that the engine flew all the way out of the big rig along with the spuds.

A long cleanup ensued, with crews quickly gathering up the 50,000 pounds of potatoes, separating the clean ones from those soaked with diesel fuel and engine oil. Figuring out what to do with the soiled spuds is a little harder than it sounds.

“You basically had diesel fuel and oil petroleum products that are mixed with some of the potatoes,” explained Lee Shank, president of Carolina Environmental, who is handling the potato wreckage. “Some of the potatoes we had to either clean or will be disclosed as off-spec food product food waste. It sounds simple but we actually go through [the potatoes] and see where the diesel fuel stopped, and all the potatoes passed that are clean.”

Poor potatoes.

Instead of wasting the spuds, maybe Carolina Environmental could donate them to Anonymous Potato, a gag gift website that ships out a spud with any message you like written on it to your best friend or worst enemy.

Sources: WSOC, Anonymous Potato / Photo credit: wsoctv/Twitter

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‘Tell Me I’m Pretty’: Pizza Delivery Boy Gets Odd Request On Order (Photo)


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A pizza delivery guy in California showed that he was committed to customer satisfaction and got more than he bargained for after receiving a bizarre request on one order.

The guy, who works for Pizza My Heart in Menlo Park took an order that came with a special request: “Send us your cutest delivery boy. Tell me I’m pret.”

The person who placed the order had ran out of characters to finish the instruction, but it was pretty obvious that they wanted to be told they were pretty.

User “coldfan” posted a photo of the note on Imgur, with the caption: “I’ve had orders like this before so I was expecting a group of college girls.”

Though when he arrived, he wasn’t expecting to encounter a birthday party in a room full of balloons.

“When I arrived there was no group, just one girl,” he said, according to the Daily Mirror.

The delivery boy reportedly wished the customer a happy birthday, and the girl told him how she had a party but nobody came. She invited him in for some cake after a short conversation, and the delivery guy ended up staying for an hour.

“We laughed and talked the whole time, as I was leaving I gave her a hug and told her she was pretty,” he said.

The only negative aspect of this story was that upon the delivery guy’s return to the restaurant, he received a written warning for taking so long. But he says it didn’t matter as long as he made someone happy on their birthday.

According to BuzzFeed, many pizza chains let customers include special requests when placing an order online. Apparently, they will follow the instructions no matter how weird they may seem, including cutting the pizza into different shapes and drawing a picture on the box.

Sources: Daily MirrorBuzzFeed

Photo Credit: coldfan/Imgur, rob_rob2001/Flickr Creative Commons

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