Frosted Flakes Beer Is Real And It’s Here For You To Drink


By Cooking Panda

That’s right. Your favorite breakfast cereal has taken its final form, and it is way better suited to your adult sensibilities.

Might we even say that it’s GRRREEEEAT!

Oregon beer masters Montavilla Brew Works of Portland and Coin Toss Brewing of Oregon City teamed up to pay homage to Michigan cereal masters, Kellogg’s, and used around 25 pounds of the sugary cereal to brew the new Catch a Tiger Double IPA, according to the Oregon Craft Beer press release.

Montavilla owner Michael Kora and Coin Toss owner Tim Hohl both come from Detroit, so it seemed natural for them to collaborate on a tribute to their hometown.

“It’s my goal to eventually work with all the great brewers in Portland who have relocated from Michigan,” Kora said in a joint press release. “Since Battle Creek, Mich. is home to Kellogg’s, Frosted Flakes seemed like a fun opportunity to celebrate our shared Michigan roots.”

The millennial-friendly IPA debuted at Montavilla Brew Works on Sept. 16 and at Coin Toss Brewing on Sept. 18 and features pilsner malt, Cascade, Horizon, Idaho 7, Chinook and Simcoe hops mixed in with the Frosted Flakes.

But how does it taste? Is it better than Ballast Point’s Victory at Cereal?

The press release says that the finished result is a “big beer” that has “a bitter bite with aromas of citrus, pine and orange marmalade” and is — wait for it — “GRRRRRRRRREAT!”

We haven’t gotten the opportunity to try it for ourselves, but if you get a chance, let us know what you think!

It comes in at 7.2 percent ABV and 69 IBU, pretty standard for a double IPA.

“Michigan has a pretty amazing craft beer scene of its own,” said Hohl. “As a couple of guys from Detroit, we wanted to give a fun nod to our home state while making a Northwest style IPA our customers would appreciate.”

The brewers also wanted to give a shout out to Dan Mills at Grocery Outlet of Oregon for helping them haul a shopping cart full of Frosted Flakes out of the store.

Sources: Oregon Craft Beer, Beer Advocate / Photo credit: Oregon Craft Beer

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Guess What! Science Has Figured Out A Way To Make Beer Out Of Pee!


By Cooking Panda

If you’re a beer snob, there’s a good chance that you’ve said, at least once in your life, that the light, watery beer you are drinking resembles urine. Now, there is a group of Belgian scientists that will make you eat your words — or, heaven forbid, drink them.

Light beer drinkers, rejoice: Scientists at the University of Ghent in Brussels, Belgium, announced that they created a machine that uses the sun to convert urine into drinkable water and fertilizer, some of which they will be brewing into beer, according to Reuters.

The water filtration system is energy-efficient and would particularly benefit rural areas that have little access to electricity and where clean water is hard to come by.

“We’re able to recover fertilizer and drinking water from urine using just a simple process and solar energy,” said University of Ghent researcher Sebastiaan Derese.

Here’s how it works: First, the urine collects in a huge tank that is heated in a solar-powered boiler. Then it moves through a membrane that separates the water, as well as potassium, nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients.

Researchers introduced the device at a 10-day music and drama festival in Ghent, where they were able to extract more than 250 gallons of water from festival-goers’ pee, publicizing it under the hashtag #peeforscience.

Guess what they’re doing with those 250 gallons? Brewing it into beer, of course!

“We call it from sewer to brewer,” Derese said of the pee-water that will be brewed in the beer capital of the world.

The festival urine beer sounds a little wacky, but in context, it’s not that out there.  People have brewed beer with whale carcasses, elephant dung, human beards, Rocky Mountain Oysters (also known as bull testicles) and actual oysters in the past, according to Mental Floss. And just last year, one water treatment company in Oregon began brewing beer from reclaimed sewage water (a.k.a. toilet flushings) — don’t worry, they purified it first.

We’ve seen everything.

Sources: Reuters, Oregon Public Broadcast, Mental Floss / Featured Photo Credit: millercoors/Instagram

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