You Should Be Freezing Your Coffee Beans


By Cooking Panda

There is great news for the coffee connoisseurs of the world. It turns out that the perfect cup of coffee might be easier (and cheaper) to achieve than even the most diehard java fiends had previously imagined.

While companies have been feverishly developing new, high-tech devices to improve at-home coffee brewing, it appears that the answer might be decidedly pedestrian. According to UPI, researchers Christopher Hendon and Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood recently discovered that the temperature of your coffee beans at the moment that you grind them affects the resulting flavor of the coffee. The groundbreaking (no pun intended) chilled beans result in a more even, homogenous grind and may be the key to brewing a flavorful cup of Joe.

If you’re interested in the technical details of the research, it turns out that a more even grind translates to a stronger, more economical beverage. Chilling your coffee beans before grinding them results in a “greater post-grind consistency, boasting a narrower distribution of fine particles,” UPI reports. These homogenous fine particles have more surface area than traditionally ground beans, and constitute the crux of the researchers’ findings.

According to Hendon, the chilled beans “will alter the taste, because subtle changes in particle size distributions make a huge difference in rate of extraction.” He added that the results “could have a major impact for the industry,” and Colonna-Dashwood suggests, “we will see the impact of this paper in coffee competitions around the globe, but also in the research and development of new grinding technology for the market place.” 

Thus, before you drop $199 on a new Voltaire grinder or completely give-up on home-brewed coffee, we suggest throwing your beans in the freezer before grinding them. Who knows, it could be the secret to breaking your Starbucks habit and saving you a cool $5 every morning!

Source: UPI / Photo credit: Hannah Blackmore Health

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This Coffee Grinder Is Wi-Fi-Enabled


By Cooking Panda

Coffee is a way of life for many Americans. Most of us cannot even fathom starting the day without a cup of Joe, and quality is becoming an increasingly important aspect of our daily caffeine fix following the rise of the third way coffee movement.

Unfortunately, however, trips to your local artisanal coffee shop can add up quickly, relegating many individuals to the sub-par world of stale beans and drip coffee that characterizes home-brewed coffee.

Luckily, however, thanks to a recent Kickstarter campaign, there’s new hope for the world’s broke coffee snobs. According to The Verge, a revolutionary Wi-Fi-enabled coffee grinder has been developed by a firm named GIR, or “Get It Right.”

Entitled “Voltaire,” the grinder’s creators claim that their product can detect whether or not coffee beans are stale, using a variety of sensors and measurement standards. While the details of the technology remain a little cloudy, the product apparently generates a “freshness” scale for the beans enclosed in its hopper according to their “temperature, humidity, bean mass, volume, ‘gas concentration,’ and ‘volatile compound release.'” 

When the beans become stale, the Voltaire will either notify its owner or automatically order new beans, depending on the setting selected.

Despite the fact that the Wi-Fi-enabled grinder might seem like a niche product, the Voltaire has already raised over $50,000 on Kickstarter, and its funders seem very enthused about the product. While you can currently purchase a Voltaire on the crowdfunding site, all of the low-cost units have already sold-out.

If you consider yourself a true coffee cognoscente, however, you can still snatch up a $199 unit. Options include upgrading to a “pour-over stand, a steel-and-copper tamper,” and even a “hand-crafted marble tamping tray.”

Nevertheless, before you balk at the price, you might want to add up how much money you spend at your local coffee shop every year—the number might surprise (and alarm) you!

Source: The Verge / Photo credit: Voltaire/Kickstarter

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