Whole Pizza Hut Branch Shut Down After Footage Of Manager Goes Viral (Video)


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A Pizza Hut in Kermit, W.Va. was recently shut down by health officials after an in-store surveillance video showed the restaurant’s district manager urinating in the sink.

The unidentified manager takes at least two breaks on the video (below) to urinate in a sink in the kitchen, notes CBS Pittsburgh.

Pizza Hut said in a statement: “First of all, we are embarrassed by the actions of this individual. Pizza Hut has zero tolerance for violations of our operating standards, and the local owner of the restaurant took immediate action and terminated the employee involved.”

Pizza Hut said the incident happened after business hours.

The eatery has been closed down due to “conditions within the establishment constituting a substantial hazard to the public health,” says a sign on the door.

“It’s something you hope to never have to deal with but we take it seriously,” Brett Vance, of the Mingo County Health Department, told 13 News. “They’re closed until we do a thorough cleaning on the place and have the reassurance there are safeguards in place.”

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This Is How To Make 18th Century Fried Chicken (Video)


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Listen up, Pilgrims!

Ever wonder how people used to cook back in the day? Apparently, they used to do some really delicious things to chicken (video below).

Most people usually think of fried chicken as quintessential American fare, but did you know that it was actually popular in England as far back as the 18th century? Well, most of us didn’t know, either; that’s why the internet is going nuts over a new video featuring a totally delicious 1736 recipe for fried chicken from Nathan Bailey’s “Dictionarium Domesticum” cookbook, and we can’t wait to try it.

Here’s what you do, according to the super theatrical Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc. YouTube channel:

First and most importantly, you need to start with the marinade. The recipe suggests mixing together lemon juice and verjus, but since nobody really keeps verjus around anymore, it’s fine to substitute a mild-tasting vinegar like the cider or distilled variety.

If you want to keep your ingredients authentic to the 18th century, go ahead and use malt vinegar for a stronger punch. Add salt, pepper, cloves, bay leaves and green onions or chives, and marinate your chicken pieces for about three hours.

The batter is super simple as well – use your homemade whisk, made out of twigs, or just use a regular wire one to mix together the flour, white wine, egg yolks and salt. Then you dunk the chicken in the batter, and then drop the pieces into your cauldron full of lard, burning over hot coals – or just call it a draw and use a deep fryer or oil-filled pot on the stove.

The finishing touch is a truly impressive one – fried parsley crumbled over the top.

If you’ve never fried herbs before, they make a great garnish – check out how to do it here.

Judging by this guy’s reaction, not only is 18th century fried chicken simple to make, but it is also super delicious.

“The flavors are definitely a little different than what you are used to – that marinade definitely does something special,” the video host says. “I really love this recipe. Who would have thought?”

Here’s how you make it:

Source: Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc./YouTube / Photo credit: Jas. Townsend and Son, Inc./YouTube

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Guy Agrees To Put Sunscreen On Beautiful Woman’s Back, Gets A Big Surprise (Video)


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A video prank of a woman with a fake bulge in her bikini has gone viral, the Daily Mail reports.

The clip was shot by prankster David Mafra. It features an attractive young woman asking strangers to apply sunscreen to her back as she sunbathes on the beach.

Most of the men agree without hesitation. They rub the lotion on the woman’s back, ask her for her name and make small talk.

But when the woman turns around so the men can apply lotion to her front, a discernible bulge appears in her bikini bottoms and sends the men running for the hills.

You can watch the hilarious video below:

Sources: Daily MailYouTube / Photo credit: Daily Mail

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Video Shows Epic Showdown Between Del Taco Manager And Customers (Video)


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Thanks to the power of social media, Del Taco now has one less employee. A manager at an Arizona Del Taco was fired recently after a video of him shouting obscenities at drive-thru customers went viral (video below).

The video, which was posted to Vimeo on April 27, shows the manager yelling at customers who asked for sauce with their order.  Aptly entitled, “Confrontation between Del Taco drive thru and customers who didn’t get their sauce,” shows the employee shouting, “I don’t give a f***, bro,” before claiming that he can’t be fired because his dad is an “owner.”

Oh how wrong he was.

Soon after the video went viral, Del Taco issued a statement saying that they were “appalled” by the manager’s behavior and he was fired “immediately” following the incident. Watch the YouTube video below for the full experience, and don’t forget the sauce!

Warning: Video below contains sensitive content.

Sources: CosmopolitanMrBlue1190/YouTube / Photo credit: RestaurantNews.com

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McDonald’s Employee Trashes The Restaurant After Being Fired (Video)


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A new video of a man having a full blown melt down in a McDonald’s in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is making its way around the internet. 

The video, which was uploaded by Abelaj50, features a McDonald’s employee destroying the restaurant’s propery after being fired. He scattered trays, cups, straws, ketchup and broke glass.

Entitled ‘McDonald’s Employee Gets Fired & Goes Crazy In St. Paul, MN,’ the video now has about 72,000 views. “Man, I don’t know what is going on,” one customer said to the camera.

The disgruntled man swore throughout the video, even when he was out of sight. “You treat me like s***, I get treated like s***!… B**** give me my f****** pay! I was nice to you b****!’”

Another employee told him, “You need to leave. Please, just leave.” After pushing over a metal container, the fired man replied “Shut the f*** up. Pay for that.”

Eventually the man left, taking his coat with him. 

In a statement released through McDonald’s Twin Cities Co-Op PR team, Courtney Henry, the owner and operator of that McDonald’s said, “We regret the personal dispute that unfolded in our restaurant between two of our employees.”  

“The conduct shown in the video is unacceptable and we have taken appropriate action. The well-being of our customers and employees remains McDonald’s top priority, and we apologize to our customers who were in the restaurant at that time.”

No one in the video has been identified.

Source: Daily MailYouTube Image via YouTube

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Customer Sees What McDonald’s Worker Is Doing With Trash, Takes Out Phone and Starts Recording


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Viral videos often focus on people behaving badly, but footage of 73-year-old woman named Charlotte is gaining traction for all the right reasons (video below). 

Despite being able to use only one side of her body because she suffered a stroke when she was 25 years old, Charlotte has been working at McDonald’s in Blackwell, Oklahoma, for the last 13 years, KFOR reported. She still hustles around the fast food restaurant, clearing tables and taking out the trash.

Customer Nada Seyam was so impressed by Charlotte’s work ethic that she posted a video of her working on Facebook. The video has garnered nearly 40,000 views since it was posted on Dec. 1. 

“I watched this wonderful woman clean tables and change 4 trash cans,” Seyam wrote in the video’s caption.

“My kids and I watched her do all the work that she was doing with one hand and I thought ‘what an amazing woman.’ 

“She gave me hope and to be thankful for everything we have. Charlotte gave me this feeling that no matter what we should never give up. I think she deserves to be woman of the year.”

Sources: KFOR, Nada Seyam/Facebook Screenshot via Nada Seyam/Facebook

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