The World’s Tiniest Coffee Is So Stinking Cute (Video)


By Cooking Panda

When the Finnish coffee and cocoa company, Paulig, approached artist and designer Lucas Zanotto and asked him to make a cup of coffee out of one, measly little coffee bean, he did what any caffeine fan would do; found a teensy tiny little coffee mug and got to work (video below).

First, Zanotto grinds the miniature bean up using an emery board.

Then, he sets fire to a tealight candle, and allows the small amount of heat to boil just a smidge of water.

Finally, he just pours the water over the coffee filter, and voila — the tiniest cup of coffee (and probably the most adorable cup of coffee I’ve ever seen) comes together.

Something about watching this video is ridiculously soothing; I don’t know if its the monochromatic theme Zanotto employs (primarily calming shades of white), or the cute and tinkling music, but I almost want to start every day off just watching him make this cup of coffee rather than drinking my usual cup, which seems gigantic in comparison.

Of course, some YouTubers couldn’t help but joke around.

“Can you make it decaf?” one commenter wrote. “I’m worried i can’t sleep tonight after this.”

Added another:

“Thank you for making this video; now I know how to write down how fairies make their coffee in a story.”

And lastly, one commenter had an idea for what to do with the tiny cup of coffee.

“Serve it for Trump,” a YouTuber wrote, “Just to make his hands look big.”

What do you think of the video, and how would you enjoy this one-bean cup of coffee?

Source: Lucas Zanotto/YouTube / Photo Credit: Pexels

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This Adorable Baby Girl Lights Up Around Wine (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Sometimes, babies can be finicky little creatures.

Sure, when they’re smiling and playful as can be, they’re pretty cute. However, occasionally — who are we kidding; very often — they break that sweet-as-can-be facade and turn into creatures from the swamp. They leak, they moan, they wail, they scream, they soil themselves, and they don’t give a care in the world over your sleeping or social schedule.

That’s why for many parents, it’s of the utmost priority to find out a few different foolproof methods to keep their babies smiling; sure, everybody loves to see the people closest to them happy. But just as important, when a baby isn’t happy, it means hell for everybody else.

So we’re sure these Florida parents, Yssel Jaquez and Rafael Aybar, were shocked and delighted to hilariously discover just what it is that makes their baby girl Abigail Aybar so gosh dang happy — being handed a glass of wine!

“We were just having dinner and when she doesn’t want more food or is sleepy, she starts to be cranky,” Jaquez told ABC News.

So, the parents tried to hand their baby girl juice; however, when that failed to prompt a positive reaction, Aybar then decided to hand his daughter a glass of wine, just as a joke. They recorded their girl’s exuberant joy at being handed the wine, and posted the video to Facebook on Jan. 29. As of Feb. 7, it has been viewed more than 3 million times.

“I think people like it so much because of her laugh and her reaction when she sees the wine,” Jaquez told ABC.

Of course, the couple has had to incur their fair share of criticism and even downright outrage from viewers who mistook their little bit of fun for seriousness. To them, Jaquez has only this to say:

“[There are] many different opinions about the video and the fact that we ‘give’ wine to a baby. It’s just a funny video and we’ve never provided alcohol to our kids and never will.”

Source: ABC News / Photo Credit: Rafael Aybar/Facebook

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Chris Pratt Is The Worst Fish Chef Ever (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Okay. This is something different.

Actor Chris Pratt is known for many of his achievements — he’s a successful movie star, a lovable and goofy character on “Parks and Recreation,” a doting father and husband (married to actress Anna Faris) and a generally good dude in Hollywood.

He is not, however, a particularly good chef.

Vanity Fair posted a video (below) to its YouTube channel on Jan. 3, 2017, titled: “Chris Prat Cleans and Guts A Fish.” Why Chris Pratt decided he needed to demonstrate his sea bass-slaughtering abilities for the masses isn’t necessarily ever explained; what is shown, however, is how miserably he fails at achieving his end goal.

Thankfully, the video does not document Pratt catching the fish, and the fish is mercifully already deceased before he takes his knife to the animal and begins the ultimate clumsy hack job, narrating throughout the whole video as though he knows what he is doing (while clearly, he does not have a clue).

Animal activists out there, or those who get squeamish and uncomfortable while viewing imagery of other living creatures being cut into and exploited for humorous purposes: this video is not for you.

However, if you want to watch Pratt fumble his way through the cleaning and gutting of a bass while lakeside in California, make sure to check out the full video of the debacle (below):

Sources: Vanity Fair/YouTube / Photo Credit: Vanity Fair/YouTube

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Watch These Adorable Kids Taste 100 Years Of Candy (Video)


By Cooking Panda

There is something so cute about watching little kids discover different tastes and foods for the very first time.

If you are a fan of Bon Appetit’s YouTube channel, you may have noticed that it has been posting videos of children trying different kinds of cuisines or foods over 100-year periods: for instance, videos of kids trying 100 years of Christmas desserts, 100 years of Thanksgiving dishes, 100 years of airplane foods, and 100 years of sandwiches are all up to view on their feed.

On Dec. 14, Bon Appetit posted a video of kids trying 100 years of candy, and it is so, so cute and fun to watch their reactions!

“Kids try an assortment of popular candies from the 1920s until today, including Jujyfruits, salted nut rolls, Pop Rocks, Big League Chew, Gushers, and More,” reads the video description.

Check out the video (below):

Have you tried any of these candies?

Sources: Bon Appetit/YouTube / Photo Credit: Bon Appetit/YouTube

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This Genius Made A Coffee Dispenser Out Of Legos (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Keurigs were cool, like, four years ago. Now that the novelty of their sleek design and quick coffee-making speed has worn off, caffeine fiends need something much more avant-garde to be impressed. 

Consider their prayers answered, because someone made a coffee dispenser entirely out of Legos (video below). Toy YouTuber AstonishingStudios is behind the invention.

The machine, the functionality of which we cannot fully explain but will attempt to do so with some semblance of intelligence, is no simple feat of engineering. It has pull-out compartments for coins, tiny motors for moveable parts, and a keypad. The money door has two modes: one locked for public settings and one unlocked for private settings. It is also made of Legos.

First, you feed the machine a few coins because it does not heat your coffee for its health. Next, place your cup underneath the dispenser and press a button, which prompts the machine to release instant coffee powder and water.

When your cup is full, a tiny motor moves a metal object that heats the coffee in 45 seconds. 

For AstonishingStudios, which has also made Lego inventions like a KFC fried chicken machine and a McDonald’s McFlurry maker, the coffee machine was not their first rodeo. Check out all of the features behind the invention below.

Source: AstonishingStudios/YouTube / Photo credit: AstonishingStudios/YouTube

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Gordon Ramsay Rates Gross Halloween Candy (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Just when you thought Gordon Ramsay had already voiced his opinion on every single food-related concept in the world, he comes out of the woodworks to provide us with yet another culinary take down.

This time, Ramsay paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live, where he presented the host with his picks for the absolutely worst types of Halloween candy available out there (video below).

Sure, Ramsay may be British, but that doesn’t stop him from critiquing America’s sugar-filled holiday and, to be honest, he has a pretty solid point when it comes to some of our staple trick-or-treats!

Nobody likes the mean old man down the street who hands out raisins, or toothbrushes instead of candy when you ring his bell; but is the woman dolling out those nasty, suspiciously orange circus peanuts really that much better? Ramsay certainly doesn’t think so.

And the attacks don’t stop there; the Kitchen Nightmares star goes after Smarties, candy corn (which he thinks is more “earwax formed in the shape of a rotten tooth” than an edible, sugary delight), and more.

Do you agree with all of Gordon Ramsay’s opinions? Check out the video and see for yourselves below:

Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube / Photo credit: Gordon Ramsay/Instagram

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Watch Martha Stewart And Seth Meyers Make Pizza (Video)


By Cooking Panda

This is bound to make you hungry.

The ever-businesslike writer, television personality and chef Martha Stewart paid a little visit to her dear friend Seth Meyers at the Late Night show on Oct. 3, and taught him how to make a skillet pizza (video below).

Watch Stewart keep her cool as Meyers bounds around like a small and hungry little kid, anxious and eager to take a bite out of the famed chef’s culinary creation:

Source: Late Night With Seth Meyers/YouTube / Photo credit: Late Night With Seth Meyers/YouTube

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Watch This Woman Totally Flip Out Over Subway’s Lack Of Meatballs (Video)


By Cooking Panda

This seems like every customer service worker’s worst nightmare (video below).

We all know how disappointing it can be when you go into an establishment with certain expectations that ultimately are not met.

Most of us are able to put these minor inconveniences into perspective, and move on with our day; some of us, however, are not.

Enter this woman, who decided she wanted a meatball sub from Subway for lunch — and apparently, was willing to stop at nothing to voice her displeasure when she was informed by a poor employee that the shop was currently out of meatballs.

As the video below shows, the meatball-craving woman was so distraught and disgusted at the establishment’s lack of meatballs, that she deems it appropriate to ramble on for over three minutes about how the restaurant “should have it available,” or put up a sign that shows it’s all out of meatballs.

Look, lady, we get it: You had a craving, you were let down when you realized it wasn’t going to be fulfilled, and so you experienced disappointment. That’s fair. But what did complaining and taking it out on this poor, innocent employee do to fix your problem?

Check out the confrontation for yourself below. Was it worth it?

Sources: Food Beast, n0thingTV/YouTube / Photo credit: Foodies At Home

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This Infuriating Pancake Video Promises Splendor, But Never Delivers (Video)


By Cooking Panda

There is nothing more irritating than being promised something glorious, and then never receiving it (video below).

Lately, the internet has been blowing up with fun and quirky food videos.

Cooking Panda, of course, has fun and instructional videos for how to construct delicious meals. But some home users have, of late, made videos showcasing some pretty amazing pancake art creations.

Perhaps that’s why this video is so infuriating!

Per Delish, Facebook user Mystikal uploaded a video on Aug. 31 that, at first glance, appears to show viewers some seriously interesting pancake creations.

“You won’t believe what’s on the other side of this pancake” the still of the video reads, accompanied by the picture of a pancake waiting to be flipped over.

However, after clicking play, it becomes eventually clear that you never figure out what’s on the other side of the pancake.

Whoever created the video actually made it loop so that before the fantastic, mysterious pancake art is revealed, the video just reverts back to the very beginning.

It is a sad cycle of hope, excitement, and ultimate disappointment.

The video, which has garnered over 9.6 million views as of Sept. 9, has also been shared more than 90,000 times since being uploaded last week.

Watch below to experience the excruciating disappointment for yourself:

Source: Delish / Photo credit: Handy Food

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Feast Your Eyes On 100 Years Of Wedding Cake Trends (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Everybody knows that the most important part of the wedding day is the bride; but the wedding cake comes in a very close second (video below).

Behold, Mode‘s super compact and drool-worthy montage that takes a decade-by-decade look at wedding cake trends as they evolve from the early 1900s all the way through to today.

Check out the video (and drool over the cakes) below:

Sources: Mode/YouTube / Photo credit: Cake Coquette

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Relax And Unwind With These Super Soothing Silent Cooking Videos (Video)


By Cooking Panda

If you have ever plugged your nose or closed your eyes while eating, you know that food is about more than just taste. There is a reason that fancy restaurants put so much time and effort into plating their food and the sound of a sizzling pan is so appealing.

That was the concept behind Cooper Nelson’s new YouTube channel, “Silently Cooking.” Nelson believes that the best food experiences can sometimes come from focusing on the sensory aspects of the food itself, rather than the hubbub of modern life (video below).

Silently Cooking is a series of cooking videos entirely devoid of talking. Instead, Nelson allows viewers to listen (and watch the food itself), creating a unique and incredibly appealing atmosphere.

When asked about the videos, Nelson said, “I wanted the Natural Sound to help drive the video. Something people can maybe learn a little something from, but, more importantly, something that just looked and sounded good.”

While we’re not quite ready to give up our current favorite YouTube cooking channels and the witty banter of the videos’ hosts, we must admit that there’s something to be said for listening to the food itself. Watch some of Nelsons videos below, and then decide for yourself!

Source: Grub Street / Photo credit: Silently Cooking/YouTube

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Watch: This Strawberry Hack Is Perfect For Summe


By Cooking Panda

Summer is a time for sunshine, beaches, and fresh fruit. One of our favorite fruits this season is the humble strawberry—bursting in flavor and perfect for all of your summer recipes, from strawberry pie to strawberry Bellinis, and everything in-between.

Luckily, while researching recipes for our next summer picnic, we came across this brilliant hack for hulling strawberries (also known as de-stemming, or coring). It’s not only fast, effective, and mind-blowingly easy, but also has the potential to revolutionize all of our summer cooking plans. Strawberry shortcake? No problem! Strawberry salad with goat cheese and balsamic vinaigrette? Piece of cake! Homemade strawberry ice cream? Bring it on!

Watch the video below for inspiration, and then get to baking, grilling, and freezing. We even suggest throwing a strawberry-themed party for all your friends to show off your new skills! Just don’t forget to save some of the delicious berries to eat plain or drizzled in fresh cream for the perfect summer snack.

Source: Youtube/fork + plate

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Here’s How Astronauts Cook Spinach In Space (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Ever wondered what life is like in outer space? How do astronauts eat, sleep and shower?

We wonder that too, and while we don’t have all the answers, we are pretty psyched to find out how it’s possible to cook in zero gravity, thanks to a video from Canadian astronaut and International Space Station Commander Chris Hadfield, uploaded to YouTube by VideosFromSpace.

In the video, Hadfield outlines how vacuum sealed dehydrated spinach turns from a very unappetizing dry brick to something that looks pretty decent and ready to eat in a matter of seconds, and it’s super cool.

In the beginning, Hadfield first picks out his vacuum-sealed bag of dehydrated greens, grabs it, and sends himself gliding through the space station towards the “kitchen,” also known as the rehydration station.

He attaches a little spout on the spinach bag to what he calls the “water distributor” and then selects the amount of water that he wants to come out so that he has just enough to moisten the spinach, but presumably not too much, or that would make it slimy and soggy.

When he pushes the button, we can see the water move into the bag, turning each bit of spinach it touches the signature bright, dark green color. It is oddly satisfying to watch the dark color spread through the formerly light, chalky green contents.

Once it is done, he squeezes the bag a couple times to make sure all of the spinach is well hydrated, and that’s it! All that’s left is for him to suck the spinach through the little spout in the bag.

Honestly, it doesn’t look half bad.

Source/Photo Credit: VideosFromSpace/YouTube

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Watch: Transform Your Summer With This Brilliant Ice Cream Sandwich-Making Hack


By Cooking Panda

Ice cream is practically made for summer. How many of your best memories involve indulging in that cool, creamy, perfection under the scorching summer sun? It’s the ideal dessert for long hot nights, poolside relaxation, or vacation adventures.

What’s even more perfect than ice cream, however, is the ice cream sandwich. When it comes to this creamy sweet, portability is key, and while cones are great, they’re not nearly as delicious as real cookies.

The only problem is that ice cream sandwiches tend to be fairly dull, compared to cones. While you can put any flavor of ice cream imaginable in a cone, it’s difficult to find a commercial ice cream sandwich in any flavor other than vanilla.

That’s where this genius video comes into the picture. Despite the fact that the clip demonstrates this revolutionary ice cream sandwich-making method using vanilla ice cream, we suggest that you get creative and use something more exciting. Ben and Jerry’s “Tonight Dough” is a perennial favorite, and would pair especially well with two delicious cookies. What’s more, you can even get creative when it comes to your cookie choices—with a technique this simple (and brilliant) the sky’s the limit!

Watch the video below for the full method, and then impress your friends and family by serving incredibly delicious, personalized ice cream sandwiches at your next summer gathering. We promise it won’t disappoint!

Source: Youtube/BuzzFeedFood / Photo credit: WoW Amazing

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Watch How To Scramble Eggs Inside The Shell (Video)


By Cooking Panda

If you’ve ever been unable to decide between making scrambled eggs or hard-boiled eggs, or if you’re simply looking for a new way to prepare them, you’re in luck.

There’s a good reason this video has gotten so much attention, and we have to admit that we are totally mesmerized by that perfectly golden boiled egg.

According to the video, uploaded by YouTube user NightHawkInLight, all you need to do is take the sleeve of a long sleeve shirt or a pantyhose leg. Secure the egg by fastening tightly wound rubber bands or twine on each side — make sure they are fastened tight so that the egg doesn’t have room to move around, or it might slide. Take an end of the sleeve in each hand, with the egg in the center, and then spin the sleeve until it is tightly wound. Then, very carefully, pull the egg tightly so that the sleeve straightens out rapidly. Do this at least 12 times.

If you want to double check to make sure the egg is fully scrambled, you can shine a bright light on it before boiling — if it’s properly scrambled, it will let either no light through or a tiny bit of red lights. An unscrambled egg will be bright with a yellow tint.

This process can make the egg shells a little weaker, so it’s best to place the eggs in the water and heat it until bubbles form on the shells — but not a full boil. Turn the burner off and let the eggs sit in the hot water for 15 minutes. After that, immediately transfer the eggs to cold water so that they stop cooking. This also makes the shell easier to peel.

Then, all you have to do is remove the shell and you’ll have a beautiful golden egg. Look how cool that is!

Source/Photo Credit: NightHawkInLight/YouTube

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This Grandma’s Reaction To Her Teen Granddaughter’s Prom Dress Is Priceless (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

A grandma got the surprise of a lifetime when her granddaughter showed up wearing her old prom dress, ready to go to her own high school prom.

In the clip, the grandmother is stunned when her teenage granddaughter shows up wearing the dress she wore to her high school prom 57 years earlier. The tears start to flow as the grandma marvels at how beautiful her granddaughter looks in her dress.

“Our niece was given this dress when she was a little girl for ‘dress up’ but they decided to keep it nice in the closet,” Angela Gillam wrote on her YouTube channel. “She decided to wear it for her high school graduation night. It was her grandma Dottie’s prom dress from 57 years earlier and Grandma had no idea that she still had it, and was going to wear it for grad night. Needless to say there were lots of tears from everyone!”

Take a look at Grandma Dottie’s sweet reaction in the clip below!

Sources: RareAngela Gillam via YouTube

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Watch Stephen Colbert Reveal The Dark Truth About Astronaut Ice Cream (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Ah, astronauts. Unlike the majority of my peers growing up, I never wanted to be one of you. (I always thought I was destined to become the sixth, youngest and only American member of the Spice Girls.) But I sure as hell respected you — especially after seeing that one episode of “The Magic School Bus” where Ms. Frizzle gets lost in space.

So, when I was presented with a chalky piece of “astronaut ice cream” as a child, I didn’t hesitate — I ate the freeze-dried strawberry square. If it was good enough for astronauts to snack on in orbit, the compressed little cubes (which usually come in strawberry, vanilla, chocolate or Neapolitan mix flavors) were good enough for me.

Actually, they were pretty gross. But they had the word astronaut in them, so I ate them anyway.

However, in a game-changing statement by the National Air and Space Museum to Vox, it turns out that astronaut ice cream wasn’t necessarily used on any space missions.

That’s right. As Stephen Colbert says, astronaut ice cream — the “brick of sweetened sidewalk chalk” — is a lie (video below).

According to a recent investigation by Vox: “The Apollo 7 press kit, released before the mission, does mention ‘vanilla ice cream,’ as does one 1968 UPI article. There’s also a smattering of technical documents that mention the development of some sort of ice cream in space — but none that can confirm the existence of ice cream on board.”

This actually makes sense. First of all, there are technical obstacles to crumbly food like astronaut ice cream when it comes to space. For one thing, small food particles floating around present a major safety hazard — the chalky little crumbs could float into instruments or the controls. 

According to Vox, that is precisely the reason that John Young was reprimanded when he snuck a corned beef sandwich on board during the Gemini program. The risk was too high that the bread crumbs could interfere with equipment. 

“How could we have something up here that crumbled and crunched?” astronaut Chris Hadfield said in a 2013 video, as reported by CNet.

In fact, Vox actually contacted Walt Cunningham, the only surviving member of the Apollo 7 crew, and questioned him about astronaut ice cream. His response?

“We never had that stuff.”

As you can hear in the video below, sweets were reviled on his particular mission; however, when Cunningham later encountered the freeze-dried “treat,” he admits that if it had been offered on Apollo 7, he would have willingly indulged in the stuff (rather than trying to pawn it off on his crew mates, like he did with his butterscotch pudding). 

Luckily, with the advent of freezers and refrigerators on NASA ships, astronauts in 2016 are able to enjoy actual ice cream just like those of us bound to Earth. 

Still, for a laugh, check out Stephen Colbert reclaiming his childhood as he endeavors to launch astronaut ice cream into space once and for all:

And watch Vox’s original investigation below:

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Sources: Vox, CNet / Photo credits: Phil Edwards/Vox, Evan-Amos/Wikimedia Commons, CNet

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Misophonia: The Sound And The Fury Of Chewing


By Cooking Panda

Not many people actively enjoy being in the presence of noisy chewers — but for people with misophonia, the sounds of mastication can trigger extreme feelings of rage and distress (video below).

Coined by the married research team Margaret and Pawel Jastreboff in 2002, the term misophonia means “hatred of sound,” according to New York Magazine. It describes the condition which causes an individual to develop extreme negative feelings — often of anger — in response to certain noises.

Even though the specific triggers vary from sufferer to sufferer, a 2013 Dutch study in Plos of 42 people demonstrates that the condition tends to begin in late childhood to early adolescence, with the main triggers being sounds produced by the body. Loud breathing, lip-smacking, knuckle-cracking, audible chewing, or sneezing are some examples of these noises. Sufferers report that while their initial response is commonly irritation, that feeling quickly blooms into anger and later begets utter disgust. 

“The reaction is irrational,” Ms. Adah Siganoff, 52, of Alpine, California, tells the New York Times. “It is typical fight or flight… rage, panic, fear, terror and anger, all mixed together.”

Because the term has only been around approximately 14 years, misophonia does not yet rate an entry in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Therefore, the condition is little studied, and often mistaken for other diagnoses, such as obsessive-compulsive disorder, or an anxiety disorder.

Misophonia has “no known effective treatment,” according to Dr. Aage R. Moller, a neuroscientist at the University of Texas at Dallas. He goes on to tell the New York Times that he believes misophonia is likely a “physiological abnormality” and probably not an auditory disorder.

Of course, one of the most frustrating aspects of the condition, according to sufferers, is certain people’s tendency to delegitimize it. It’s not a veritable disorder; it’s a human quirk.

Barron Lerner, a professor of medicine at New York University Langone Medical Center (who penned a 2015 misophonia essay in the New York Times about his own experience with the condition) calls this the “incredulity factor.”

“I could not believe that my friends and relatives were not getting as upset at what I considered rude behaviors,” he writes. “They were getting frustrated with me for focusing on sounds they did not really hear.”

Still, various forms of treatment are being offered to those sufferers who make themselves available to it.

According to Lerner, medication can aid in the accompanying psychiatric disorders. But, as he mentions to Mercury News, cognitive behavioral therapy is usually recommended.

Check out more about misophonia in the video below:

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Sources: New York Magazine, PlosNew York Times (2), Mercury News / Photo credit: Liberty Antonia Sadler/Metro, New York Magazine, The Odyssey Online, InIvysHead

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Half-Naked Man Dances, Makes Sandwiches At Subway (Video)


By Cooking Panda

As the United States’ largest sandwich chain, Subway is known for a few things: that fresh bread smell, 11-inch footlongs, and consistency – you can pretty much rely on getting your order made the same way upon each visit (video below).

Perhaps the last thing customers were expecting when they walked into a Subway restaurant in Festus, Missouri, on the weekend of April 23, was to see a shirtless man dancing and making sandwiches behind the counter, KTVI reports.

Those who witnessed the event were so disturbed by the man’s behavior and clear health code violations that they snapped several photos and recorded footage of the half-naked man dancing inside and outside the shop and sent the images to the local news station.

Festus police have reportedly not received any official complaints about the incident, although Subway officials said that they were aware of what had happened.

“The person behind the counter that appears in the video is not a current subway sandwich shop employee and was not authorized to go behind the counter,” the restaurant said in a statement to KTVI. “The former employee left the shop before further action could be taken. I apologize to my guests for this unusual occurrence.”

We don’t know if this will affect Subway’s business at all, since they are the second largest food chain in the country behind McDonald’s, and we still don’t know the identity of this man or the circumstances surrounding his odd performance. Whether a friend of his was quitting and wanted to go out with a bang, or whether it was something more bizarre than that, we may never know. But at least we’ll always have footage of a tattooed, shirtless dancing sandwich artist terrifying customers.

Sources: KTVI, NRN, Ben King/YouTube / Photo credit: Ben King/YouTube

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Legendary College Students Fix Huge Vending Machine Jam (Video)


By Cooking Panda

On their way to class, a group of students at Rutgers University noticed something unusual about a vending machine. Little did they know, it would change the trajectory of their entire day (video below).

When the students saw that there were a few bags of chips stuck in the machine, what started off as an ordinary morning quickly turned into a masterclass on the proper way to gamble on a jammed vending machine.

At the start of the video, the students buy one bag of chips above the jam to try and free the bag buildup, but they end up contributing to the pile. Soon, they realize that the machine registers the transaction as not vending and lets them make another selection any time that a food package does not fall to the bottom. So they build up the pile until there are nine bags of chips stuck. Eventually, our heroes end up shaking the machine until all the bags come free, and they score a massive haul using only a few dollars.

We are ecstatic that the valiant vending machine warriors ended up getting a ton of snacks, and we learned one approach to scoring big when you see a bunch of food stuck in the machine.

If you are in a similar situation and you don’t feel comfortable carefully shaking or thumping the machine, try pushing in the flap where you reach to collect your food and letting it snap shut – this will create a rush of air that can sometimes give your snack the push it needs to topple over.

If you try this a few times and it still isn’t working, you might want to call for help or a refund. Most vending machines have a contact number on the side that you can dial to report a stuck item and get a refund or get in touch with someone who can open it up and retrieve your snack for you.

Sources: MrTriplzzz/YouTube, WikiHow / Photo credit: MrTriplzzz/YouTube

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10 Recipes To Satisfy The Munchies (Videos)


By Cooking Panda

Got the munchies? We thought so. In honor of 4/20, we pulled together some great recipes for you, so that when the munchies strike, you’ll be well prepared. Party on.

1. Honey Chipotle Chicken Crispers

In the mood for some tangy nuggets? These will definitely satisfy your craving.

2.Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

Cinnamon rolls are tasty and pretty simple to bake, but if you’ve never tried making them with bacon, you are in for a treat.

3.Bacon Maple Fudge

In case one bacon dessert isn’t enough for you…

4. Bacon Chicken Sriracha Bites

Still not enough bacon in your life? The spicy, savory chicken bites will do the trick.

5.Copycat Crunchwrap Supreme

You’re craving Taco Bell, aren’t you? Did we just read your mind? We did? Weird…

Why not try making your go-to order in your own kitchen? You can add bacon to this one too if you’d like. We fail to see how a Crunchwrap could be bad with Doritos, French fries, extra cheese, chipotle ranch or anything else that you have lying around.

6. Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork Wontons

Bonus: make the pulled pork in advance in your slow cooker, so when the munchies strike, all you need to do is wonton them.

7. Fried Pickle Poppers

Craving something fried and cheesy? We thought so! Try making these pickle poppers. If pickles aren’t your thing, jalapenos would make a great substitute.

8. Fried Mac n’ Cheese

We bet you want more fried stuff. You can’t go wrong with frying this ultimate comfort food.

9. Homemade Pop-Tarts

Craving something sweet? Pop tarts are great, but did you know they are pretty easy to make at home? Give it a try. If you want to go more chocolaty, try subbing the strawberry filling for Nutella or something with a similar thick texture.

10. Chicken and Waffle Casserole

Can’t make up your mind between sweet and savory? Why not have both with an easy twist on this classic combination?

Photo Credit: Luigi Anzivino/Wikimedia Commons

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Here’s The History Of Pizza In Just Eight Slices (Video)


By Cooking Panda

An interesting new episode of PBS’ Idea Channel breaks down the history of one of the world’s most treasured foods — pizza (video below).

In the episode, the delicious pie’s lengthy history is broken down into eight different types — New York pizza, Neapolitan, Sicilian, Chicago deep dish, frozen pizza, delivery, leftover and international. Host Mike Rugnetta takes you through the pie’s lifespan, even taking a look at the very fist pizzeria in the United States. 

That pizzeria, Lombardi’s, was opened in New York in 1905. 

Rugnetta’s 15-minute history lesson is perfect for any pizza lover who’s interested in seeing where the Italian staple began and where it’s going.

Watch the delicious history lesson below.

Source: PBS Idea Channel/YouTube / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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How To Make Real Life Bob’s Burgers (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Someone decided to take the amazing punny burger from “Bob’s Burgers” and make into into real, juicy food. It’s even more amazing than it sounds (videos below).

If you love the goofy cartoon as much as we do — and even if you don’t — there’s a good chance that the real-life renditions of food from the show will leave you drooling. Take a look at these video recipes:

1. Sit And Spinach

Sauteed spinach and a tangy burger patty with gobs of cheese dripping down. Yes please!

2. Pickle My Funny Bone

Fried pickles make everything better…

3. Do The Brussel

How can you go wrong with bacon, pistachios and Brussels sprouts piled atop a thick meaty patty?

4. Cheeses Is Born

A dollop of warm gravy gives this Jarlsberg and mushroom burger a really special, unique flavor.

5. I’ve Created A Muenster

It’s scary how good this burger is, with sauteed mushrooms and cheese on cheese on cheese… we’ll take it!

Sources: Delish/YouTube (2) (3) (4) (5) / Photo Credit: Delish/YouTube

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These Burger Pancakes Take Breakfast Burgers To A Whole New Level!


By Cooking Panda

If you think you love cheeseburgers now, wait till you try these cheeseburger pancakes. These amazingly creative pancakes are made from simple ingredients, and of course include a base of ground beef and cheddar cheese — just like any good cheeseburger would!

To top it all off, this savory twist on the normal pancake is finished with a yummy avocado and ranch cream sauce.

Try these pancakes for a breakfast unlike any you’ve had before.

Source: Food Deconstructed / Photo credit: YouTube

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