Chris Pratt Is The Worst Fish Chef Ever (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Okay. This is something different.

Actor Chris Pratt is known for many of his achievements — he’s a successful movie star, a lovable and goofy character on “Parks and Recreation,” a doting father and husband (married to actress Anna Faris) and a generally good dude in Hollywood.

He is not, however, a particularly good chef.

Vanity Fair posted a video (below) to its YouTube channel on Jan. 3, 2017, titled: “Chris Prat Cleans and Guts A Fish.” Why Chris Pratt decided he needed to demonstrate his sea bass-slaughtering abilities for the masses isn’t necessarily ever explained; what is shown, however, is how miserably he fails at achieving his end goal.

Thankfully, the video does not document Pratt catching the fish, and the fish is mercifully already deceased before he takes his knife to the animal and begins the ultimate clumsy hack job, narrating throughout the whole video as though he knows what he is doing (while clearly, he does not have a clue).

Animal activists out there, or those who get squeamish and uncomfortable while viewing imagery of other living creatures being cut into and exploited for humorous purposes: this video is not for you.

However, if you want to watch Pratt fumble his way through the cleaning and gutting of a bass while lakeside in California, make sure to check out the full video of the debacle (below):

Sources: Vanity Fair/YouTube / Photo Credit: Vanity Fair/YouTube

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