Boozy Ice Cream Is Here And It Looks Delicious


By Cooking Panda

Tipsy Scoop has debuted an ice cream like no other. And by “like no other,” I mean a delicious-looking alcoholic ice cream.

Other brands have tried the alcoholic ice cream route before, but they never quite lived up to the hype like Tipsy Scoop is doing, mainly because the ice cream hasn’t tasted all that great. Elite Daily, however, is singing a different tune, and judging by the social media hype, it looks like they’re right.

Just look at that flavor assortment, based on all of your most favorite cocktails!

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On top of that, each serving of ice cream contains the same amount of alcohol as one light beer. So, if you’re like me, you will have to train yourself to stop eating ice cream by the pint!

Rainnnnnnny ?????? days ?? @fortheloveoffood_

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With so many awesome things available only in faraway places, I’m happy to announce that these beauties are for sale in the United States, according to Metro News, who seems to be a little bummed. Sorry, UK!

As for me, well, I cannot wait to try Maple Bacon Bourbon.

Sources: Elite Daily, Metro News / Photo credit: Tipsy Scoop/Instagram

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