Bar Owners Face Backlash After Publicly Shaming Bad Tippers Via Facebook


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Put your money where your mouth is, or “please go somewhere else.”

The owners of a bar called the Cherry Street Pub in Lancaster, Ohio are fielding numerous negative reviews after they took to their Facebook page to shame poor tippers publicly.

Proprietors Billy and Lorena Smith opened the Cherry Street Pub around a year and a half ago, according to WCMH. However, despite the restaurant’s success, the Smiths report a noticeable dip in gratuity left from some of the pub’s customers. Many of these guests allegedly praised the service, and then proceeded to leave less than 10% gratuity.

“If you are not prepared to give a 15 to 20% tip for good service, then please go somewhere else,” reads the bar’s Facebook post.

The original letter was posted to Facebook on May 2, and has received more than 660 shares and 900 responses as of Wednesday, May 4. While some social media users have commented to defend and applaud the Smiths for sticking up for their employees (“At least one business says what the rest should . Thank you !” wrote Anthony Mckenzie), others were upset by the post.

“The employment of your bar staff is your responsibility,” writes Adnaan Chaudhary. “If you don’t pay them enough then it’s clearly your fault. Tipping is optional. It’s not mandatory.”

According to the Ohio Department of Commerce, minimum wage in Ohio for tipped employees is $4.05 per hour. However, employers electing to use the tip credit provision are required to present proof that their employees receive at least the state minimum wage of $8.10 per hour after tips are calculated.

Numerous people chastised the Smiths on the initial Facebook post for underpaying their employees. Cherry Street Pub conceded that “it might be nice to just do away with tipping and build it into the price.” 

However, following the large volume of backlash, the owners once again took to Facebook on May 3 to remind the public that they did not create the system of pay for servers in Ohio, and that their primary interest was only to stand up for their staff.

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Sources: WCMH, Facebook/Cherry Street Pub (2), Ohio Department of Commerce / Photo credit: Facebook/Cherry Street Pub

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‘You’re Very Welcome’: Soldier Explains Why He Won’t Tip Waiter On Receipt


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A picture of a receipt allegedly belonging to a member of the military is quickly spreading online because of the soldier’s reason for not leaving a tip.

The photo was first posted on “Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel” Facebook page with the caption, “Don’t Be That Guy.” The photo shows a receipt, presumably from a restaurant, and written in the tip line is 0.

Instead of just not leaving a tip, however, the alleged military man decided to provide a handwritten explanation as to why he decided not to tip the server.

“My tip is the freedoms I provided you while serving my country,” the person wrote. “You’re welcome for my service.”

The photo has quickly spread online, and many people are not impressed with the guy’s note.

“What piece of shit,” one commenter wrote. “Makes the rest of us look bad.”

“That was conceited to me… he saved the world all on his own!” another noted. “He makes real soldiers look bad with that crappy comment. I have bought soldiers meals and still got a tip!”

What do you think of this soldier’s decision not to tip and his reason behind it?

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Sources: If You Can’t Afford To TipRanger Up Military And MMA Apparel

Photo Source: If You Can’t Afford To Tip, Wikimedia Commons

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Jim Carrey Leaves Waitress Huge Tip


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Actor Jim Carrey surely made a New York City waitress’ day when he left her a massive tip on his dinner bill. 

Carrey was dining with friends at The Chester, a restaurant in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, when he reportedly left a $225 tip on a $151 bill.

A source told Page Six that Carrey ordered sparkling water, pinot noir, a quinoa dish and lemon chicken at the restaurant. 

“Everyone seemed to be in a good mood,” the source said. 

The service must have been excellent! Have you ever left a large tip on a dinner bill? 

Source: Page Six / Photo credit: Danny Harrison/Flickr

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‘Don’t Be Very Passive Aggressive’: Man Leaves Card Explaining Why He Won’t Tip Bartender


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An anonymous resident in Seattle sparked controversy after leaving a “no tipping” note at a restaurant instead of a gratuity.

Bartender Anthony Fetto said he first noticed the card, placed underneath a receipt that had “zero” written in the tip line, while serving customers at work. 

“He was actually sitting right next to the server station where I was, so I was right there all the time, he was getting the best service,” Fetto told WTKR News of the customer.

Written on the card was a short explanation of why the customer doesn’t tip in Seattle. According to the customer, a $15 minimum wage means higher cost to consumers and more money in the servers’ pockets, therefore making them less reliant on tips. The card also called the Seattle city council “vultures.”

The card further noted that the man’s decision to not tip had nothing to do with the bartender’s service.

“It didn’t get me mad or anything, I was like wow, this is kinda silly like, y’know, tipping is a choice,” Fetto said.

The card included a link to a Facebook page, where supporters of the “No Tipping” movement can vent their frustrations.


Fetto told WTKR that he wishes the customer would have talked to him before leaving the card — especially considering he makes much less than $15 per hour, as the card claimed.

“At least come up and tell me personally like make a human contact, don’t be very passive aggressive and just kind of leave this and walk away without saying anything,” he said.

Seattle’s $15 minimum wage hike is reportedly a slow-moving process that will be phased in gradually over the course of seven years.

Sources: WTKRHLN-TV / Photo credit:

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Mom Makes Unexpected Find On Her Restaurant Receipt (Photo)


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A family was charged more money than they expected after dining at a restaurant in Roanoke, Virginia.

Whitney Anderson, a mother of three, dined with her family at Abuelo’s on Oct. 8, WSLS 10 reports. She tipped the server $10 on top of a total restaurant bill of $45.50. The next day, however, she noticed that $65.50 was drawn from her bank account rather than the expected charge of $55.50. 

When the Salem, Virginia, resident returned to the restaurant to investigate, she was given a customer copy of the receipt from the previous night’s dinner with $20 written in the tip line and an allegedly forged signature. 

Anderson told WSLS 10 that the signature on the receipt looked nothing like her handwriting and that she had originally filled out a merchant copy of the receipt, not a customer copy. 

According to a Facebook post about the incident on Oct. 9, Anderson neglected to take the blank customer copy out of the book when she signed the receipt. She speculated that the waitress that served her family that night must have thrown out the signed merchant copy with the $10 tip, filled out the customer copy with an increased tip of $20, and forged Anderson’s signature to the new receipt. 

Managers at Abuelo’s initially promised Anderson a refund of the extra $10 charged to her account within 10 business days. However, after Anderson posted the story and a picture of the forged receipt on social media and brought the incident to the attention of the press, the restaurant called her much sooner than expected and offered to refund the entire cost of dinner. 

“You’re not satisfied with your restaurant experience and I apologize for that,” a restaurant manager reportedly told Anderson over the phone, according to WSLS 10. “I would like to refund the entire value of your check.” 

Anderson, a waitress for 11 years, said it was not the extra $10 charge but the breach of trust between customer and server that worried her.

“It was almost a 25% tip and then they go behind you and fraudulently sign a name to a credit card receipt,” she told WSLS 10. “I don’t feel that’s any different than someone taking your debit card.”

She added in her Facebook post that the police are now involved. 

Abuelo’s General manager, Jason Mcknight, has released a statement promising that restaurant management are “taking this complaint seriously and are investigating the details.”

Sources: WSLS 10, Facebook/Bitchy Waiter

Photo Credit: Facebook/Bitchy Waiter

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