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Would You Try S’mores English Muffins? (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

One of my favorite things about many brands of breakfast food is that they make it possible for us to get away with eating dessert for breakfast. Think about it. Pancakes, French toast, Pop-Tarts and lots of different cereal brands do it. Now, it’s Thomas’ turn.

Thomas’ English Muffins now come in a S’mores flavor that I can’t wait to try. According to Popsugar, the limited edition flavor is in stores now, so you’d better go and find them ASAP. It was Instagram user Junkbanter who clued the internet in on the new English muffin flavor, saying that he grabbed three boxes thanks to the smell alone.

I bought 3 packages based on the smell alone…

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As you can see in the picture, the muffins have little specks of chocolate and marshmallow in them. I always said my one problem with English muffins was that they weren’t sweet enough. This is perfect.

According to Delish, this S’mores flavor is coming just after the Maple French Toast and Bacon Buttermilk Pancake flavors from Thomas’. Is this real life?

Somehow, Thomas’ brand is still magically able to make their muffins — flavoring and all — low fat and cholesterol free, according to its website. The muffins even still have a decent amount of protein in them (5-6 grams).  Thomas’ is slowly becoming my new favorite breakfast food brand.

All flavors come in 6-pack sizes, so if you’re feeling particularly desperate to make sure your supply lasts, you should probably grab all you can. I have a feeling, though, that you don’t have to worry much if you miss these limited edition flavors. With the crazy food flavor trend that’s happening right now, Thomas’ is sure to come up with even more tantalizing flavors.

If English muffins aren’t your thing, then just have a s’more for breakfast. I mean, are we really that far off, anyway? There are S’mores Pop Tarts, S’mores Krave Cereal and S’mores Toaster Strudels. Would it really be so bad just to make a couple of s’mores to start your day? I don’t think so. Just remember that you won’t get that nice nutrition label that comes on the Thomas’ English Muffins package.

Sources: Popsugar, Delish, Thomas' / Photo Credit: Heather Katsoulis/Flickr

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Turns Out You Crave Snacks When Sleep Deprived


By Cooking Panda

You may have noticed a pattern in your snacking; you probably do it most when you haven’t had a lot of sleep. It turns out that now there’s actually science to back up your suspicions.

Science News reports that researchers at the Cognitive Neuroscience Society’s annual meeting in March presented findings that suggest a link between sleep deprivation and an increased sensitivity of the brain’s reaction to food smells. This leads to people who don’t get enough sleep feeling more drawn to snacks.

In the study, adults who only got four hours of sleep rather than the recommended seven to nine hours inhaled both food-type smells and nonfood-type smells while under MRI scans. Food smells consisted of snacks like potato chips and cinnamon rolls, while fir trees were used as a nonfood smell.

This same experiment was held weeks later with the same participants after they’d gotten a full eight hours of sleep. The resulting statistics showed a spike in brain activity for the food smells when the participants were sleep deprived. Much more so than when they’d gotten enough sleep. There was no spike at all in brain reactions to nonfood smells.

Although there’s more research to be done, these results do go hand-in-hand with something we’ve suspected already. According to Zawya, another study, led by King’s College London, found that sleep-deprived people consumed more calories the next day than those who got enough sleep. The calorie equivalent to the average amount of extra calories consumed is comparable to about four and a half slices of bread. That’s a lot of calories if you’re doing it on a consistent basis!

Health risks associated with eating this many more calories per day include obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and more. It’s clearly not a sustainable or healthy lifestyle choice.

Dr. Irshaad Ebrahim, consultant and medical director of The London Sleep Centre, said of the U.K. study: “Sleep deprivation may cause overeating by altering certain hormones that play an important role in controlling appetite and satiety.”

“In a properly functioning brain, the two hormones are released on and off to regulate normal feelings of hunger. Sleep deprivation can, however, alter Ghrelin and Leptin levels. The effects of sleep loss on appetite seem to be most powerful in the late afternoon and early evening, times when snacking has been linked to weight gain.”

Although this subject continues to be studied, it’s probably safe to say that getting enough sleep matters a lot more than you probably thought. Time to take it more seriously!

Sources: Science News, Zawya / Photo Credit: Little Debbie/Instagram

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Cadbury Is Bringing Peanut Butter And Mint Oreo Bars


By Cooking Panda

Peanut butter and mint Oreo chocolate bars? Sign me up! Cadbury and Oreo seem to be learning that a partnership between the two of them is just what this world needed.

Cosmopolitan reports that the Oreo Mint and Oreo Peanut Butter flavors are available now in the U.K. “We are delighted to add these two sumptuous new flavors to the classic Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo, giving chocolate lovers even more ways to enjoy their favorite treat,” the brand manager at Mondelez said of the new candy flavors.

“Tasty and irresistible, the peanut butter variant will appeal to those who love the current peanut butter trend, while the delicious mint flavor will no doubt delight those who love a classic combination.”

Metro UK was so excited to learn about this new flavor combo that they decided to do a taste-test of both varieties. The first they tried was the Oreo Mint chocolate bar. The consensus on that bar was that it was like a “much-improved Aero,” the holes in which were apparently too distracting. I haven’t had one, so I wouldn’t know. The Oreo Peanut Butter bar was reportedly “just peanut-y enough.” All in all, the unanimous vote was of approval from the news team!

Both bars are made with Cadbury chocolate (of course) and feature either a peanut butter, or mint filling — depending on which you’re opting for — with chunks of chocolate Oreo cookie mixed in.

The sad news, which comes from Refinery29, is that the new chocolate bars are only available in the U.K. We won’t be seeing them in the U.S. until further notice. Refinery29 does maintain, however, that we shouldn’t lose hope. Since it’s happened in the past that consumer demand has brought new flavors into the U.S., we may not be out of line in hoping it happens again.

Until that day, we can satisfy ourselves with the Oreo Eggs that we do have, sort of a consolation prize (in my opinion) for not having the Cadbury Oreo Egg here, and probably just as good. Let’s just stock up on those and bide our time.

Sources: Cosmopolitan, Metro UK, Refinery29 / Photo Credit: Nibbles'N'Scribbles

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Introducing The Deliciousness Of The ‘Churro Duo’


By Cooking Panda

Dominique Ansel is at it again with his tantalizing new creations. The newest indulgence is interlocking churro pyramids, called the “Churro Duo.”

According to Foodbeast, the “Churro Duo” pyramid-shaped sweets are available at Ansel’s bakery in Tokyo, Japan. They feature a 3-D pyramid effect, and customers are having a lot of fun just playing with them.

Excited to launch our new Churro Duo this SATURDAY at @DABJapan. A duo of our 3D churro pyramids, one white sesame and the other black sesame, made to order and served warm. Dip into our salted caramel sauce, share with your friends, and enjoy! #churroduo #churros #DominiqueAnselJapan #DABJapan 今週の土曜からドミニクアンセルベーカリートーキョーにて #チュロデュオ が販売スタートです!ピラミッドのようなチュロスは1つは白ごま、もう1つは黒ごまのフレーバー! #キャラメル のディップをたっぷりつけてお召し上がりください。 実はとっても長くてボリュームたっぷりなので、是非仲良しのお友達と一緒にシェアして完食を目指してくださいね #チュロス

A photo posted by Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan (@dabjapan) on

You’re not only looking at two churros linked together, but two types as well. The lighter pyramid has white sesame and cinnamon sugar, while the darker one has black sesame and black sugar coated on. Okay, so the two types aren’t much different, but if you do too much it won’t still be a churro, right?

The cute little pyramids are served with a side of salted caramel sauce for dipping, if you can bring yourself to break up the pyramids, that is.

Introducing our new Churro Duo, our version of the traditional Spanish fried dough pastry. A pair of interlocking 3D churros – one made with white sesame and one with black sesame, made to order and served warm with homemade salted caramel dip on the side. (Unraveled, the churros are more than 1 meter long!) Starts this SATURDAY at @DABJapan. #churroduo #churros #DominiqueAnselJapan #DABJapan スペインの伝統的なお菓子のチュロス。ドミニクバーションはインターロック型の3Dチュロス #チュロデュオ が登場します!白ごまと黒ごまのフレーバーの組み合ったチュロスを自家製 #ソルトキャラメル にディップしてお召し上がりください。(このチュロス、直線に伸ばすとなんと1m以上もあるんです!) 今週の土曜日からスタートです!#ドミニクアンセル #チュロデュオ #3D

A photo posted by Dominique Ansel Bakery Japan (@dabjapan) on

Currently, the pyramids are only available in Japan, but if you are in the States or the U.K., don’t get too sad about it. Refinery 29 reports that, “In one of his Instagram posts about the ChurroDuo, Ansel wrote, ‘Currently only our @dabjapan has this new item, but I’m pretty tempted to bring it to NY and London.'”

So, there’s hope after all! Sure you can get regular pieces of the fried, cinnamon-y dough at local bakeries already, but you can’t get these just anywhere. Once you have the opportunity to try them, it’d be a waste not to.

The warm dessert was introduced on Nov. 18, and clearly, as you can see from Ansel’s quote above, it’s doing very well. Keep an eye out for it to begin spreading among Ansel’s bakery locations, as it’s bound to do.

While you’re at it, or just to keep your sweet tooth satisfied in the meantime, make sure and try the bakery’s cronuts, blossoming hot chocolate (which is really pretty!), Magic Souffles and DKAs. There’s no shortage of creative deliciousness at the Dominique Ansel bakery, so if you happen across one, don’t look it over just because there’s no “Churro Duo” there. Stop in for something that will be just as satisfying.

Sources: Foodbeast, Refinery 29 / Photo Credit: Dominique Ansel Bakery/Instagram

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Bad News: It Doesn’t Take A Lot Of Candy To Kill You


By Cooking Panda

As much as we all indulge in candy each year during the holidays, starting at Halloween of course, I bet none of us knew that eating too much of it could be lethal. Bad for us, yes, but lethal?

Well, according to Reactions, a YouTube channel that explores the chemistry involved in everyday life, it’s actually not that hard to eat too much. First of all, let’s discuss the obvious: too much sugar can cause diabetes, it can cause us to become overweight and it can rot our teeth. There’s nothing new about that information. However, according to Thrillist, it can also cause incurable impotence by the age of twenty-five! Tragic.

So, how much candy is so toxic that it can lead to death? Based on a study by Reactions, an otherwise healthy 180 pound adult (the average American) could potentially overdose on 262 snack size candy bars. Within those 262 candy bars there are about 5.5 pounds of sugar and 20,000 calories. Yikes! Talk about putting your liver into overdrive!

If you think back on your over-indulgent Halloweens growing up, do you think it would have been relatively easy to eat that many pieces of candy in one sitting? I’m not sure my parents would have allowed it, and probably many don’t, but if they don’t know the potential hazards, they just might let their kids get away with it for the sake of being festive.

Now, this is an average 180 pound adult we are talking about, which means the lethal dosage is probably much smaller for kids. The overdose number varies based on the size of the person consuming the candy, so be wary.

And of course, we don’t only indulge on Halloween. Think about all that Thanksgiving Pie or eggnog in winter…What about girls’ nights with ice cream and wine, and breakups?

We can always find reasons to overindulge. And by reasons, I mean excuses. We’re all guilty of it, but now we have a better reason than ever to stop and take a step back. Does anyone really want their obituary to say “death by chocolate?” Actually…that might not be such a bad way to go now that I think about it.

Sources: Thrillist, Reactions/YouTube / Photo credit:

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