6 Fresh Seasonal Soups Perfect For Late Summer (Recipes)


By Cooking Panda

It might seem a bit strange to whip up a big bowl of soup in the heat of summer. It’s hot out, and soup sometimes feels like something hearty that will warm you on the chilliest night. I get it.

But the truth is that there are so many delicious veggies that are in season right now, and cooking a big pot of a bright, zippy and fresh medley of summer flavors will absolutely rejuvenate you. Plus, you can actually serve some of these soups warm or cold, so a few are even appropriate on the most sweltering of evenings.

1. Summer Seafood Stew

This lovely tomato and fennel stew calls for clams, cod, shrimp and scallops, but you can mix and match them as you please. Any white fish easily stands in for the cod, while the clams can be replaced with mussels, for example.

2. Slow Cooker Summer Chowder

I just love slow-cooker soups! They are easy as can be — perfect for a busy night — and you don’t have to heat up an already warm house just to make dinner. With corn, potatoes, herbs, squash and bacon, you get a hearty yet seasonal meal.

3. Spicy Chili Verde With White Beans And Optional Chicken

You can customize this versatile recipe to your heart’s content. Not in the mood for chicken and white beans? Use any kind of beans you want, and either forget the chicken entirely or swap it out for something like ground turkey (brown it in the pan first) or any leftover pre-cooked protein like pork or cubed sauteed tofu. This would be swell with some chopped summer squash as well.

4. Creamy Tomato and Orange Soup

Tomato soup has cemented itself as a fan-favorite for a number of reasons. Give it a summer makeover by blending in some fresh orange juice, leeks and carrots for some extra freshness.

5. Simple Summer Corn Soup

This healthy sweet-savory soup will fill you right up, and it’s easy to customize according to your tastes. All you need is a blender (or lack thereof) and you can give it two different looks: creamy or brothy. It’s up to you!

6. Summer Minestrone Soup

Minestrone soup is a classic, but let’s be honest. You’ve had it countless times in your life, and you could go for something just a little different, a little more exciting, right? Say no more. Grab your favorite seasonal veggies, a few herbs, a scoop of pesto, and let’s get cooking.

Featured Image: Leszek Leszczynski/Flickr

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8 Surprisingly Awesome Cold Soups For Summer


By Cooking Panda

Longer days and hotter weather means a few things – one of them being that cold food sounds more and more appealing, and hot food can turn into a hassle. Here are some cold soups to make this week, so that you can still get a satisfying, savory fix while cooling yourself off:

1. Gazpacho

This cold soup is a classic for good reason — it’s super refreshing with savory tomatoes, juicy, refreshing cucumbers and tangy vinegar.

2. Chilled Avocado Soup

If you’re looking for something super creamy and filling, you’ve come to the right place. This avocado soup is packed with flavor and healthy fats that will keep you full all evening.

3. Corn Vichyssoise

With leeks, corn and potato, this chilled soup is not only packed with flavor, but it’s also filling and satisfying.

4. Yogurt Soup with Cucumbers and Walnuts (Tarator)

The crushed walnuts and lemon juice turn plain yogurt into something truly special.

5. Mango Gazpacho with Pickled Shrimp

Got some extra mangoes lying around? Did you know that you can blend them into a deliciously creamy, rich soup? Oh yeah. Throw in some shrimp and avocado and you have a heavenly, filling dish.

6. Moroccan Carrot Summer Soup

This creamy, vegan, carrot, spiced soup will fill you right up on a hot summer day.

7. Chilled Cucumber Soup with Farm Fresh Herbs

Looking for the ultimate refreshing, savory, summery soup? This one is jam-packed with fresh summer flavors and won’t let you down.

8. Spanish Chilled Tomato Soup (Salmorejo)

Like gazpacho but richer and deeper. Top this creamy tomato soup with eggs, ham and an olive oil drizzle to take it to the next level.

Featured Photo Credit: Dishing Up the Dirt

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