12 Delightfully Summery Cherry Banana Desserts You Should Make This Weekend


By Cooking Panda

Looking for some super summery desserts to make this weekend? We’ve got your back!

Two of our favorite seasonal treats — cherries and bananas — have been on our minds a lot lately during these warmer months, and they are the perfect combination. Plus, August 26 is National Cherry Ice Pop Day and the 28th is Banana Lover’s Day, so you might as well celebrate!

1. Microwave Cherry Banana Cobbler

Yes, that’s right! You can make this baby in the microwave and save yourself all kinds of trouble.

2. Cherry-Amaretto Tart

The cherry-amaretto combination is just perfect. Use either sour or sweet cherries for this, although you might want to use a little extra sugar (to taste) if you go sour.

3. Sweet Cherry-Bomb and Coconut Milk Pops

Feel free to mix a little diced banana into the coconut milk layer if you want to add an extra fruity, creamy touch.

4. Homemade 3-Ingredient Cherry Ice Pops

Just blend, freeze and devour. It’s that easy!

5. Cherry Banana Cream Pie Recipe

Want something fluffy and light but totally indulgent? Look no further. Whip up this fruity cream pie for a perfect summer treat.

6. Banana Cherry Garcia Soft Serve

This dessert is healthy and vegan, but it 100% tastes like you’re eating something bad for you. Seriously.

7. Chocolate-Cherry-Banana Breakfast Smoothie

The most decadent healthy breakfast ever!

8. White Chocolate Banana Bread Pudding

Take your bread pudding to the next level with creamy, delectable white chocolate. Want an extra special cherry twist? Scroll down to #9 and make some roasted cherry compote to top it.

9. Actually Good Frozen Yogurt with Roasted Cherry Compote

Want something tart, refreshing and chilled? Mix up this complex and tasty fro-yo. The secret? Roasting the cherries with the pits intact gives them a super interesting nutty flavor — think amaretto. You’ll love it!

10. Chocolate Cherry Banana Bread

Put a sweet spin on your favorite breakfast treat! Plus, this recipe uses a bit of Greek yogurt, which reduces the calorie count AND makes the loaf even more moist.

11. Sour Cherry and Lavender Sorbet

This uniquely flavored pair makes the perfect sorbet, and it goes swimmingly in a float with fancy lime soda. Don’t have an ice cream maker? No problem! Freeze the blended mixture in an airtight container, and give it a stir every 30 minutes or so until it completely solidifies.

12. Tartouillat (Cherry and Rum Cake)

Use banana-flavored rum if you’re feeling extra bold!

Featured Photo Credit: Mom on Timeout

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