McDonald’s Is Getting Brand New McFlurry Machines


By Cooking Panda

Have you ever gone to a McDonald’s on a bright, warm day and decided to order a McFlurry to cool off?

Their McFlurries are famous for being sweet, thick, and chock full of add-ins that give the dessert an interesting texture that never gets old. They are basically McDonald’s big take on the classic Blizzards served at Dairy Queen, and they are equally as addicting and satisfying too.

Unfortunately, we have been told many times that we can’t get our McFlurries … because the McFlurry machines are always down.

It’s an extremely common phenomenon. Originally, we thought it was just our local McDonald’s that always seemed to have issues with its McFlurry machine, but as it happens, the machines were prone to breaking down in general, and consumers have been reporting frustration over this fact.

Luckily, however, the Wall Street Journal reports that McDonald’s is planning to install much easier-to-maintain soft-serve machines.

Allegedly, the machines will come with fewer parts, which will make maintenance and cleaning of the machines easier and less prone to going out of order. Because the old machines took such a long time to clean, if employees at an establishment began cleaning the machines too long before closing, then chances are you wouldn’t be able to get your hands on a McFlurry until the next day.

So you know what easier-to-clean soft-serve machines mean, right? More frozen treats and more reliable availability!

Delish also reports that the new machines are made by an Italian company called Carpigiani, and that the machines might even be able to dispense more flavors than their predecessors.

We could get down for some new and delicious McFlurry flavor combinations! We’re already daydreaming about the possibilities…

Are you excited about the soft-serve upgrade at the golden arches? 

Sources: Delish, Wall Street Journal / Photo Credit: Alexandra Brunet/Instagram

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Wildest Summer Treat? Ice Cream In A Watermelon Slice (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

You may know Dominique Ansel as the creative dessert wizard who has brought uniquely delicious and exceptionally Instagram-worthy desserts into the world. 

No doubt, I’m talking about the man who invented cronuts (croissant-donuts), milk-and-cookie shots, and even a rare Oreo cookie spread. 

Yep. He may be the master of a special form of dessert wizardry, which allows him to come up with extremely novel (and again, exceptionally Instagrammable) desserts. 

But this latest summer treat may be one of his strangest creations yet: watermelon soft serve. 

And no, I’m not only talking about watermelon flavored soft serve ice cream. I’m talking about an actual fresh watermelon slice filled up and served with watermelon soft serve. 

This crazy dessert is called the What-A-Melon Soft Serve (even the name is endearingly creative!) and it’s made with homemade watermelon soft serve ice cream served in a hollowed out fresh-cut ripe watermelon slice.

To make things even wilder, the soft serve comes with a side of sea salt and the watermelon slice has some chocolate “seeds” on the side. What-A-Melon, indeed. 

I know it’s hard to imagine, so you’ll just have to see it for yourself: 

Happy 2nd Birthday, #DABJapan! To celebrate, we're launching our brand new What-a-Melon Soft Serve this SATURDAY at our #Omotesando shop, made with a slice of juicy fresh watermelon filled with our homemade watermelon soft serve ice cream, chocolate "seeds," and a little container of sea salt on the side that you can sprinkle on it finish. Happy summer, #Tokyo! ?? #whatamelon #softserve #icecream #birthday #DABJapan #DominiqueAnselJapan #watermelon ?2??!! ?????????ó??ó????2??????????????!??????????!!? ????????????2???????????ó??????ó??????! ???????ó?????????????ó?!??ó?ó???????ó????? ?????????????????????ó??????ó?????????!???????????????????????!???ó??ó????#??? #?????????ó??ó #????ó? #??? #???

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Red, refreshing, and probably healthier than your regular ice cream treat. 

What do you think? Would you try it?

I guess if you like watermelon, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t. I’m personally not a watermelon fan, but I can still appreciate the cuteness of this creation. 

The What-A-Melon Soft Serve was created to for Dominique Ansel Japan’s second anniversary celebration on June 24. 

And yep, you guessed it, it’s not yet available outside of Japan. But maybe one day. A foodie can dream. 

And if you need some more fruity foodspiration, the What-A-Melon Soft Serve is not the only fruit-based treat Ansel has created. 

Check out these beautiful Kiwi Sorbet Bars being served up in London: 

Kiwi sorbet, vanilla ice cream and milk chocolate coating? That’s all we need to hear. 

Kiwi get a flight to London, please?

Source: Delish / Photo credit: marinaphotographyhenna/Pixabay

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Vanilla Ice Cream Prices Are About To Skyrocket


By Cooking Panda

This is devastating news to all the people out there who always choose vanilla over chocolate.

After the devastating Cyclone Enawo hit Africa’s east coast in April, 500,000 people were displaced.

Additionally, a staggering 80 percent of the world’s vanilla crops were destroyed in Madagascar, which means if you’re a fan of basic, classic, good ol’ vanilla ice cream, you’re not going to be able to purchase it without forking over a pretty penny more than you’re used to.

Basically, the vanilla shortage has caused the wholesale prices of the product to skyrocket. For instance, the owner of an ice cream scoop shop, who used to pay around $72 for a bag of vanilla beans, told the Boston Globe that he is now shelling out $320 — close to five times the amount — for the same size bag.

“It’s made [vanilla] ice cream a loss leader,” Raymond Ford, the owner of Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream in Cambridge, Massachusetts, which sells 2.5-gallon tubs of vanilla ice cream to local restaurants, told The Boston Globe, per the Daily Mail. “We’re losing money, and that’s a major problem.”

However, raising the prices on the product, which is what ice cream vendors would have to do in order to break even, let alone make a profit off of their tubs of vanilla, doesn’t seem to be a viable solution.

Says Aaron Cohen, the owner of Gracie’s Ice Cream in Somerville, Massachusetts, to The Boston Globe, per the Daily Mail: “‘I just don’t think that anyone in Boston could get away with that without making people angry… Vanilla is a euphemism for plain. They’d think it was a joke.'”

The only bright side to all of this is that many vanilla products that people enjoy, such as vanilla flavored cakes, or confectionery products, are likely to remain unaffected by the aftermath of the cyclone, because those products use a synthetically produced vanilla, and don’t rely on the actual bean.

Unfortunately, the Financial Times, according to the Daily Mail, predicts that vanilla prices are likely to remain higher than usual for years to come.

Source: Daily Mail / Photo Credit: Pixabay

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