‘Salt Bae’ Just Seasoned Leonardo DiCaprio’s Steak! (Photo)


By Cooking Panda

This photo below is so chock-full of beauty we can hardly stand it.

There are few things in this world that are more unifying than Leonardo DiCaprio memes; we honestly think that his countless failed Oscar campaigns (and subsequent memes) elevated him beyond basic revered celebrity status to Beloved Sadboy Legend.

So imagine how the internet reacted when their sadboy hero met the newest viral sensation. That’s right, folks: Leonardo DiCaprio met Salt Bae in Dubai, and it was lit.

The actor was donning his newsboy cap and eating dinner at the Nusr-Et restaurant in Dubai, when the clouds parted, the angels descended and Salt Bae himself (whose real name is Nusret Gokce), emerged to sprinkle DiCaprio’s steak personally for him.

2017 Oscar adayi sensin dedi#saltbae #saltlife #salt @leonardodicaprio

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LOOK AT LEO’S FACE! He’s in awe, absolutely swept up in the beauty and appeal that is Salt Bae’s seasoning technique.

It’s sensual. It’s moving. It’s gratifying. This is the face that we imagine DiCaprio makes every time he stares at that Oscar he finally won last year.

Here’s the best part, though: According to Cosmopolitan, Salt Bae is apparently opening up a brand spanking (get it?) new restaurant in New York City, so perhaps we’ll be able to see this moment recreated stateside sometime in the future.

Fingers crossed!

Source: Cosmopolitan / Photo Credit: Be/Instagram

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Would You Go Eat At ‘Salt Bae’s New Grill House?


By Cooking Panda

Nusret Gokce, the Turkish restaurant owner who is now adoringly known as “Salt Bae” online, actually has more sides to him than the one the internet loves — the side of him that caresses and then sensually slaps, spanks, cuts, sprinkles and slices slabs of meat.

It turns out that the chef is also a co-partner of the global Nusr-et chain of grill houses (which in part explains why he was always surrounded by raw meat). Business Insider reports that since he’s gained viral acclaim as Salt Bae (with 2.5 million followers on Instagram), he is now ready to take the next step in his business career.

Guess what, folks? Salt Bae is expanding Nusr-et, and new branches will open up in London and New York in the course of just a mere few months.

That’s right, soon you will be able to experience Salt Bae’s gastric offerings, and thankfully he told the Turkish Daily News that even though he doesn’t know any foreign languages, he absolutely “could communicate with people through meat.”

Tell us something we don’t know, oh Salt Bae.

“I am the son of a mine worker. My father and mother do not know literacy,” he went on. “I [could not] go to school due to financial difficulties. I started to working at a butcher as an apprentice when I was 14. Meat has become a passion for me.”

In fact, Salt Bae informed the Turkish Daily News that the salt-sprinkling and meat-cutting skills that made him famous were not actually just bids at worldwide recognition. His passion just brings out those moves naturally.

“Actually that move at the end [salting] came automatically. I did not do that to show off. It is just my signature. You can think of it [as] a kind of final touch for a painting. It was a final touch to the meat; I was blessing the meat,” he explained.

What do you think? Will you be making a reservation at one of Salt Bae’s new Nusr-et locations?

Souces: Business InsiderTurkish Daily News / Photo Credit: Nusr_et/Instagram

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