This Advent Calendar Makes For A Very Merry Crispmas


By Cooking Panda

If anything can cure our cold-weather woes, it’s a nice, heaping serving of potatoes — be they fried, scalloped, baked, mashed, boiled, roasted or in the form of chips, they are always a welcome sight.

Alex Donoyou, 32, totally wins the Partner Of The Year award for the brilliant gift he bequeathed to his girlfriend of six years, Heather Lloyd — an advent calendar for the holidays comprised entirely of chips (or, as they say in the U.K., crisps).

“Merry Crispmas” the advent calendar reads, followed by 25 bags of Lloyd’s favorite fried snacks — a brand that Metro reports as being called Twiglets — hanging decoratively on the wall.

We guess after six full years of dating, you have to get creative beyond the typical chocolate and wine gifts usually exchanged during the holiday season.

Look how happy she looks!

According to Metro, the task was not an easy one — Donoyou reportedly ran around trying to find copious amounts of different, yet delicious, crisp flavors so that Lloyd would not tire of the gift, and every day would be a new and tasty surprise.

Additionally, all of the gifts were hidden inside of identical and seasonal white-and-red striped bags (just like candy canes!) to further build the suspense for Lloyd each yummy morning.

Would you like to receive a Merry Crispmas advent calendar? Or are you content with your typical chocolate fare?

Sources: Metro / Photo Credit: Snackgold/Instagram, Alex Donoyou/Guzelian via Metro

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This Husband And Wife’s Sandwich Exchange Is #Goals (Video)


By Cooking Panda

This is #goals, ya’ll.

You may think your relationship is on course, but after seeing this video (below), it’s clear that the bar has just been set a level higher.

YouTube channel Make Sense posted a video on Sept. 21 called, “Her husband forgot to bring lunch.”

Essentially, it’s just a video of a woman passing on a sandwich to her husband, who is in his car and preparing to go to the office.

It’s the method of sandwich-passing that has earned the video more than 1.5 million views as of Sept. 27, though.

Watch as this remarkable lady casually tosses her husband a sandwich… out of a window, and down through the moon roof of his car directly into his hungry, thankful hands:

Source: Make Sense/YouTube / Photo credit: LA Tasters

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