Employee Who Wrote Slur On Receipt Gets Fired


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A franchise owner of the fast food restaurant Wendy’s apologized for the misconduct of one of its workers, who has since been fired for embarrassing and fat shaming a customer.

The North Carolina man who was shamed said he felt really humiliated and embarrassed when he saw the moniker “chubby” written on his receipt after visiting the Wendy’s Gastonia.

The customer, Jimmy, explained that he placed an order for himself and his fiance. “The employee asked me of my name while at the register and I clearly articulated my name ‘Jimmy’ to her,” Jimmy Shue said. 

“After which she replied ‘okay thanks’ and handed the ticket to me.”

 “I wasn’t expecting anything awful,” Jimmy said, only to eventually take a glance at the receipt that was given to him and see a name different from his actual name. 

Shue said he felt reluctant to own up to the slur and wanted to ignore it. It wasn’t until one of the employees called him up for the order by using the name  “chubby,” as written on the ticket, that he finally stepped up.

“That’s not my name, but that’s my order,” Shue said.

“I walked straight to the patron, grabbed my ticket and walked out angrily because I felt very embarrassed as everyone in the restaurant started laughing”.

“I felt that I was being targeted because of my weight and that’s not a right treatment for anybody,” Shue said to local media.

Unfortunately, the franchise owner was not available at the time of the incident, so Jimmy decided to reach out to Wendy’s corporate.

When the incident got to Wendy’s, they issued a statement apologizing to Shue and said the employee involved had been immediately fired. 

A spokesperson for Wendy’s says “The matter has been investigated and appropriate actions are being taken. We worked very hard to create a welcoming and inclusive environment for our employees and customers.” 

Sadly, writing insulting names on receipts is nothing. An Alabama woman also claimed she was called a ‘crazy b—h’ after ordering a burger without cheese at a fast food restaurant.

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Bartender Realizes There’s No Tip On His Receipt, Then Notices Customer Left Behind Card (Photo)


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An anonymous resident in Seattle sparked controversy after leaving a “no tipping” note at a restaurant instead of a gratuity.

Bartender Anthony Fetto said he first noticed the card, placed underneath a receipt that had “zero” written in the tip line, while serving customers at work. 

“He was actually sitting right next to the server station where I was, so I was right there all the time, he was getting the best service,” Fetto told WTKR News of the customer.

Written on the card was a short explanation of why the customer doesn’t tip in Seattle. According to the customer, a $15 minimum wage means higher cost to consumers and more money in the servers’ pockets, therefore making them less reliant on tips. The card also called the Seattle city council “vultures.”

The card further noted that the man’s decision to not tip had nothing to do with the bartender’s service.

“It didn’t get me mad or anything, I was like wow, this is kinda silly like, y’know, tipping is a choice,” Fetto said.

The card included a link to a Facebook page, where supporters of the “No Tipping” movement can vent their frustrations.

Fetto told WTKR that he wishes the customer would have talked to him before leaving the card — especially considering he makes much less than $15 per hour, as the card claimed.

“At least come up and tell me personally like make a human contact, don’t be very passive aggressive and just kind of leave this and walk away without saying anything,” he said.

Seattle’s $15 minimum wage hike is reportedly a slow-moving process that will be phased in gradually over the course of seven years.

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Photo credit: wtkr.com

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Server Calls Patrons Plaid “A-Holes” On Restaurant Receipt


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Is there some unspoken, universal rule out there that decrees: All Family-Based Activities Must End In Disaster!


For every family reunion, there’s that one over-served relative who’s there solely to humiliate himself (and you in the process); and for every “family-style” dinner, there’s that one server just waiting to insult the size of your member via your dining bill.

Or maybe that was an experience specially reserved for four unlucky diners at Peter Chang’s in Arlington, Virginia this past weekend.

According to the Washington Post, a server at the popular Szechuan restaurant — whose namesake chef was nominated for a James Beard Award this year — left notes on a customer’s receipt that read “im a [plaid] a**hole” and “I have a small penis.”

Now, before you go thinking that such a note reads as a little extreme, you should know that the reason the server saw fit to do this is because one of the diners actually dared to relay a personal anecdote about his dining experiences in Beijing!

The nerve!

As one of the patrons (who asked to go by Matt) shared to the Post, his party of four (some of whom were reportedly donning plaid clothing) ordered rice for their table. When the server delivered it to them in one communal bowl, Matt allegedly inquired as to why the rice had not been served in individual bowls. Matt, who had previously spent some time living in Beijing, declined the server’s offer to bring out individual bowls, and said, “Just wanted to let you know that’s the way it’s done in China.”

Apparently, his insight went unappreciated, because when Matt and his three fellow diners were later served their check, they found the two aforementioned notes on their bill, keyed in from the restaurant’s point-of-sale (POS) system.

The guests immediately summoned the manager, Qian Cheng, who in turn summoned the server (and the additional server who typed in the lewd comments). Cheng explained that the servers had been warned before about typing (and subsequently forgetting to delete) offensive notes in diner’s bills.

If Matt and his party were hoping for a sincere apology, however, they were out of luck.

“I would say they seemed slightly embarrassed,” Matt said to the Post. “It wasn’t like, ‘We’re so sorry. This is unprofessional. We mean to treat our customers better.’ It was more like, sorry-this-is-embarrassing-it-was-a-joke sorry.”

Cheng was later approached by the Post for comment; while he hasn’t decided whether or not one of his servers should be fired over their offensive behavior, he has cut back on their hours, and banned them from working prime weekend shifts in the near future.

“I know it’s not comfortable,” Cheng said to the Post. “If somebody had given me the check, I [wouldn’t] be comfortable.” 

Matt and his dining party were each given a $20 gift card for their troubles. Something tells us they won’t be cashing them in on a weekday.

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Sources: Washington Post, James Beard / Photo credit: Washington Post, Jay Westcott/Washington Post, I Heart Food

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Muslim Family Notices Unexpected Note On Olive Garden Receipt (Photo)


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A man in Georgia took to Facebook to praise the unknown person at a local Olive Garden who paid for his party of 12, who are all Muslim.

In a Facebook post on Christmas Day, Eslam S. Mohamed wrote that there was no doubt that other people in the Augusta, Georgia, restaurant were aware that the seven adults and five children present were Muslims, both because of the language that was being spoken and the fact that the women at the table were wearing hijabs, Raw Story reports.

When Mohamed asked a waitress for the check, she came over to the table with a receipt that read “Paid – Merry Christmas – Beautiful Family.”

Mohamed praised the generous stranger in his Facebook post, noting that the episode shows how there is “still hope” in the midst of tensions and hate speech around the country and that there is “still light in the dark.”

Mohamed’s Facebook post reads:

“Yesterday i went to Olive Garden restaurant to have dinner with nice families. We were a group of 7 adults and 5 children. Everyone in the restaurant was knowing that we were Arabs Muslims on the table coz of the language and the ladies were having scarves over their head ( Hijab ). After finishing we asked for the receipts and the waitress came to us with that receipt in the picture.

“Yes, someone paid for us and wrote those wonderful words on the receipt. I can’t express how this act touched our hearts. Among all the bad things happening to Muslims and the hate speech that the presidential candidate had made lately , there is still light in the dark, there is still hope within the frustration. All what i can say to who did that, Merry Christmas to you too and God bless such a beautiful heart you have.”

Sources: Raw StoryEslam S. Mohamed/Facebook / Photo Credit: Facebook screenshot

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Customer Leaves Controversial Note On Receipt (Photo)


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A picture of a receipt allegedly belonging to a member of the military is quickly spreading online because of the soldier’s reason for not leaving a tip.

The photo was first posted on “Ranger Up Military and MMA Apparel” Facebook page with the caption, “Don’t Be That Guy.” The photo shows a receipt, presumably from a restaurant, and written in the tip line is 0.

Instead of just not leaving a tip, however, the alleged military man decided to provide a handwritten explanation as to why he decided not to tip the server.

“My tip is the freedoms I provided you while serving my country,” the person wrote. “You’re welcome for my service.”

The photo has quickly spread online, and many people are not impressed with the guy’s note.

“What piece of shit,” one commenter wrote. “Makes the rest of us look bad.”

“That was conceited to me…..like he saved the world all on his own!” another noted. “He makes real soldiers look bad with that crappy comment. I have bought soldiers meals and still got a tip!”

What do you think of this soldier’s decision not to tip and his reason behind it?

Sources: If You Can’t Afford To Tip, Ranger Up Military And MMA Apparel

Photo Source: If You Can’t Afford To Tip, Wikimedia Commons

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