Do You Remember That Time Prince Put Kim Kardashian In Her Place? (Video)


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As the world mourns the loss of rock legend Prince, people have been posting some of his famous performances online such as the rainy Super Bowl performance in 2007 and searing guitar solo of “While My Guitar Gently Weeps” in 2004. Another memorable moment was when Prince booted Kim Kardashian off a stage (video below).

According to, this happened during a concert at Madison Square Garden in New York City on Feb. 7, 2011.

Kardashian was sitting near the front when Prince was inviting girls up on stage to dance.

An unidentified person escorted Kardashian on stage, Prince tried to engage her in a dance, but the reality TV star didn’t do much.

After a few seconds, Prince told her to “get off the stage!” and the audience cheered.

The pop legend then brought another girl up on stage who cut loose.

An autopsy was performed on the late singer’s body on April 22, reports CNN, in an effort to find out why he suddenly died in an elevator at his Paisley Park studio in Chanhassen, Minnesota, on April 21.

The Carver County, Minnesota, Sheriff’s Office said at a press conference that the medical examiner’s office won’t be releasing any information until the autopsy is fully compete, which normally includes toxicology tests.

An unidentified person called 911 on April 21, and paramedics rushed to the scene where they unsuccessfully tried to revive the 57-year-old singer.

Earlier this month, Prince canceled two shows in Atlanta, but performed them a week later by himself at a piano.

While flying back to Minnesota on April 15, his plane stopped in Moline, Illinois, where Prince was admitted to a hospital for a few hours; he returned home the same day.

On April 16, Prince showed up at a Paisley Park dance party to show a group of fans his new purple piano and guitar.

However, Prince did not play either instrument and seemed more focused on dispelling rumors that he was not dying or ill.

He would be dead in less than a week.

Sources: Uproxx.comCNN / Photo Credit: Adoratious/YouTube

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A Decision Prince Made 7 Years Ago May Have Brought Us To This Point


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Following reports that legendary musician Prince may have overdosed on Percocet a week before his death on April 21, new details have emerged that reveal the singer’s death may have been preventable if he had done one thing several years ago.

According to a 2009 report by The Guardian, Prince needed a double hip replacement surgery to treat his persistent hip problems. But as a devout Jehovah’s Witness, he refused to have a blood transfusion, which makes the surgery impossible.

Prince had been aware of his need for a hip replacement since 2005, according to the National Enquirer. Doctors allegedly told him that his years of performing on stage in high heels contributed to his hip problems.

Rather than having the surgery, Prince reportedly treated the pain with painkillers, including Percocet.

As previously reported by Opposing Views, a source told TMZ that Prince had overdosed on Percocet days before his death. His plane was forced to make an emergency landing so he could receive medical attention after his final concert in Atlanta and he was given a “save shot” by EMTs.

Sources: The GuardianNational EnquirerOpposing Views / Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons

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Secret Vault Discovered In Prince’s Home; Here’s What They Found Inside (Photos)


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Even in death, musical icon Prince is surprising fans. It’s been rumored that Prince’s Paisley Park compound in Minnesota contains an underground vault filled with unreleased tracks that would keep his legacy alive for over a century.

Now, those who have worked with the artist confirmed that the rumors are indeed true.

Prince’s longtime friend and sound engineer, David Rivkin said that much of the vault material has never been released.

“Maybe he instructed his lawyers to never release them. I hope that’s not the case. I’d like to see some of them come out, a lot of them were pretty great,” Rivkin told New York Daily News.


Susan Rogers, another sound engineer who worked with Prince, claims she was first to create the vault:

“I joined Prince in 1983 when he was preparing to do Purple Rain. I realized it would be smart for me to get his tapes together in one place. I was aware there were a lot of pieces missing. It became an obsession. I wanted us to have everything he’d ever recorded. I called up the studios he’d been using and said: ‘Have you got any Prince tapes’? This is his legacy. We need to protect these things. It’s an actual bank vault, with a thick door. It’s in the basement of Paisley Park. When I left in 87, it was nearly full. Row after row of everything we’d done. I can’t imagine what they’ve done since then.”

Prince’s composer for 30 years, Brent Fischer, believes that over 70 percent of the music he worked on with the artist has yet to be released, according to The Independent.

“There are a lot of songs that were sent to us clearly with the idea that they would never be released. They were almost comical songs that he would work out with his horn players. There was a lot of wild horn parts and experimentation with samples. I’d like to see ‘All My Dreams’ come out. We enjoyed that song so much. I think it’s nine-and-a-half minutes. It’s this epic journey.”

Last year, investigative reporter Mobeen Azhar verified that the priceless vault exists in his documentary, “Hunting for Prince’s Vault.” He badgered the lawyers, managers, engineers and musicians at the Paisley Park recording studio for specifics about the extensive collection.

“He was recording all the time,” Azhar said. “One of [Prince’s bandmates] said, ‘If Prince was to leave the world today, he’s got enough unreleased music to put an album out every year for 100 years.’”

Sources: New York Daily NewsThe Independent / Photo credit:Wikipedia

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Details Of Prince’s Alleged Overdose Come To Light


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Following the death of legendary musician Prince, rumors have been spreading regarding the cause of his death.

One rumor that surfaced says that the singer had been treated for a drug overdose days before he was found dead at his Paisley Park estate. 

Now, we may know what caused Prince’s death. According to TMZ, Prince overdosed on Percocet days before his death. He reportedly ingested so much of the painkiller that EMTs had to give him a “save shot.”

TMZ reports that sources from Moline, Illinois, said that members of Prince’s entourage revealed to responders that the musician had taken Percocet after what would be his final concert on April 14 in Atlanta.

Following the show, Prince’s plane had to make an emergency landing so that he could receive medial attention.

On April 21, Prince collapsed in the elevator in his Minnesota estate.

According to New York Daily News, an autopsy is underway, though it could take up to several weeks to determine the true cause of his death.

TMZ reports that Prince had been taking Percocet for his hips. He had corrective surgery on his hips in 2010.

The singer was spotted visiting a local Walgreens four times in the week prior to his death.

Sources: TMZNew York Daily News / Photo Credit: New York Daily News

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Disturbing News Emerges About Prince’s Health


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At least one news agency is reporting that Prince was treated for a drug overdose slightly less than a week before his death.

According to TMZ, Prince received treatment of some sort for a drug overdose six days ago. The details of the treatment are unconfirmed at this time. Similarly, TMZ is the only the media outlet currently reporting this news.

“Multiple sources in Moline tell us,” writes TMZ. “Prince was rushed to a hospital and doctors gave him a ‘save shot’ … typically administered to counteract the effects of an opiate.”

While this report remains unconfirmed, it does coincide with other stories regarding Prince looking “frail” prior to his death, as well as those citing his frequent trips to a nearby pharmacy over the past week.

We will update this story with more information as it comes in. 

Sources: TMZCNN / Sources: WikiCommons

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Prince Dead At Age 57; Here Is The Latest Information Available


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World-renowned pop star, Prince, has died at the age of 57.

According to TMZ, his body was found at his Paisley Park home on Thursday morning. No other details regarding his death are available at this time.

As noted by TMZ, Prince had a medical emergency on April 15th which required his flight to make an unscheduled, emergency stop in Illinois. That said, the following day he was still able to appear a concert.

TMZ reports that their sources informed them he was battling a flu – but that remains unconfirmed.

We will update this story with more information as it comes in. 

Sources: TMZCNN

Photo Credit: WikiCommons

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