Don’t Be Fooled Into Buying Pre-Peeled Avocados!


By Cooking Panda

The avocado craze is officially out of control.

It’s no secret that everybody seems to be going absolutely bonkers over avocados — from their super-creamy consistency, to their amazing taste, to their brunch-fueled stardom, to their gorgeous hue, they’ve become one of the most popular food choices when eating in or out.

However, sometimes an item’s popularity means that people start doing wacky things to an otherwise perfect food. For instance, these crazy California-based avocado growers and distributors decided it was a good idea to sell the amazing avocado as a pre-peeled, pre-halved product, sealed tight in plastic and then wrapped up again inside a cardboard box.

Excuse us?

According to Gizmodo, the company who is slinging these ridiculously packaged avocados, Calavo, claims that its packaging actually helps maintain the fruit’s ripeness so that it isn’t at risk of going brown as quickly. The packaging is designed for shoppers who want to get in on the whole avocado craze, but aren’t exactly sure how to tell when an avocado is ripe and ready to eat or when it’s too late and has already turned all brown and mushy.

To us, this just sounds like a ploy to get people who want a very green avocado-toast photo on their Instagram to cough up a few extra bucks — $3 per avocado, in fact.

Our advice? Buy yourself a normal avocado — you know, the kind from the grocery store that just sits on a shelf, with its skin on — then search the internet for facts about avocados (how they should feel, what hue they should be) if you are unsure whether it’s ripe and ready to be cut into or not.


Sources: Gizmodo / Photo Credit: Eric Huang/Twitter

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