Finally, Make A Perfect Personal Pizza In 6 Minutes


By Cooking Panda

Anyone who has ever tried to make a pizza in their home kitchen knows the struggle: You research the best method for mixing your dough and baking your pie. You do everything right. You probably make a big floury mess. Maybe you have a pizza stone or some other specialty stuff that’s supposed to properly crisp up your dough. It all helps, but after you take your pie out, slice it up, and nibble on it, it’s just not quite the same as that delicious, soft yet firm, chewy and slightly charred stuff that comes out of a real pizza oven.

If you are apartment-dwelling plebeians like us — or if you are another sort of normal human –chances are high that you don’t have your own pizza oven.

You can try everything — actually, it seems like the closest thing anyone has found to replicating top notch, perfectly scorched pizza is on the grill outside. Who would have thought?

That may get you the closest to Neapolitan bliss, but even that requires a little bit of gear and skills, plus a fair amount of patience, especially if the weather is bad. Besides, if the shoebox you live in has a landlord who forbids you from keeping a barbecue on your balcony (not speaking from personal experience here or anything), you might have limited resources.

Enter the Pizzacraft Pizzeria Pronto Stovetop Pizza Oven:

As you can see, this baby takes up about as much room as a saucepan, and it’s designed to keep the moisture levels optimal and the temperature (which goes up to 600 degrees Fahrenheit, by the way) consistent. On a gas stove, it preheats in about 10 minutes and cooks your pie nice and crisp in only six.

It’s a little pricey at $169 (free shipping though!), but if you’re a pizza fiend, it just might be worth it — especially considering that it’s way cheaper than an actual wood burning oven. Just think of all that dough you’ll be saving by cutting the pizza delivery guy out of your life. (Sorry, pizza delivery guy.)

Order it on Amazon here.

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Sources: Serious Eats, Pizzacraft/Amazon / Photo credit: Pizzacraft/Amazon

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