These Pokemon Burgers Are Almost Too Adorable To Eat


By Cooking Panda

A restaurant chain called Down N’Out in Sydney, Australia, has introduced the most adorable Poke-burgers! While not everyone has a love for Pokemon, pretty much everyone does love burgers. The three Pokemon available are Pikachu, Charmander and Bulbasaur, the three major favorites.

According to Metro News, each burger comes with a trading card listing the ingredients, and each burger’s ingredients are meant to represent the character itself. The Charmander burger is spicy, the Bulbasaur burger grassy and the Pikachu burger silly. Trainers, or eaters if you aren’t into that, can order a burger and then receive a randomly selected character. After all, when you’re playing you don’t get to choose what kind of Pokemon you’ll catch, right?

Metro reports that the burgers will be available starting August 22 and will cost about $12 each.

Sources: Metro News, CNBC / Photo credit: Hashtag Burgers via Mashable

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Fuel Up Before Your Next Pokemon Go Sesh With These Delightfully Nerdy Desserts


By Cooking Panda

The Pokemon Go craze has been praised for getting gamers off the couch and onto their feet.

Since all that catching ’em all undoubtedly gets a player pretty famished, we’ve compiled a list of the greatest Pokemon-themed recipes. These sugary treats are sure to give you energy before the next lure or recovery after a day of Going.

Which will you choose?

1. Poke Ball Tart

You don’t have to be a pro to whip up this oatmeal-cookie crust and arrange bananas, strawberries and raisins into the world’s cutest tart.

2. Pokemon X and Y Macarons

If you’re feeling ambitious, whip up these delicate French sandwich cookies for sustenance at a Pokemon party.

3. Pokelove Mini Cakes

Up your fondant game with these adorable cakes, perfect for sharing the love on Valentine’s Day or any day of the year.

4. MooMoo Milkshakes

These shakes, complete with a downloadable paper decoration, will bring the Squirtles to the yard.

5. Pokeball Rice Krispie Treats

Hide these babies around the kitchen and have your friends catch ’em all.

6. Bulbasaur Bulbas’mores

You’ll need a Bulbasaur cookie cutter for this dessert, but since you’ll never have to buy plain old graham crackers again, it basically pays for itself. Pretty much.

7. Pokeball Chocolates

Because you get to dip little balloons in melted chocolate and then pop them. We’re into it.

8. Pikachu Chocolate Roll Cake

What could be better than little Pikachus rolled into a delicious chocolate cake?

9. Pokemon Cookies and/or Cupcakes

And finally, something we can all totally master. Simple cupcakes or sugar cookies, iced like a Pokeball. Get bakin’!

Featured Photo Credit: Dad Camp

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Pokemon Fans In Japan Are Catching ‘Em All At McDonald’s


By Cooking Panda

The power of Pokemon truly knows no bounds.

As much as I’d like to say that this news is shocking, if I’m being honest: it isn’t. Not at all.

How many times in the past two weeks have I been walking down the street, only to spot large gaggles of people standing in the middle of my path, frantically trying to catch the first non-Pidgy Pokemon in their path? Too many times, folks.

Ash Ketchum, we have a problem.

Now Japan is getting a sample taste of what it’s going to be like when Pokemon Go finally launches. Bloomberg reports the launch has been delayed, by the way, due to fears that Japan’s server capacity won’t be powerful enough to keep up with the expected demand, which is massive. As a result, some McDonald’s locations in Japan are offering Pokemon toys.

As expected, the promotion is a huge success. Per Bloomberg, McDonald’s Holdings Co. (Japan) reports a share jump of as much as 23 percent, which is the largest daily gain since it started giving away Pokemon character figurines with sales of Happy Meals one Friday in July 2001. 

“Investors are flocking to Pokemon-related stocks and McDonald’s Japan is one of those benefiting from the boom,” said Mitsushige Akino, a Tokyo-based executive officer at Ichiyoshi Asset Management Co. “The boom came at a time when McDonald’s business has already started recovering and there’s expectation that the Pokemon toy offering will further increase customer traffic to their shops.”

I’ve got to hand it to them — if anything was going to help the hamburger chain recover from a series of food safety scandals, Pokemon is it.

According to Bloomberg, shares in the Japan unit of McDonalds Corp. have risen 9.9 percent as of 11 a.m. in Tokyo trading July 19, which helped make the benchmark Topix index rise .2 percent.

Source: Bloomberg / Photo credit: Mmosite

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