Step Aside, Pizza Rolls, Because Pizza Buns Are In Town


By Cooking Panda

Totino’s Pizza Rolls and Ore-Ida Bagel Bites have been around for years, and DiGiorno finally has an answer: Pizza Buns.

Soft, golden brown and bubbling with rich cheese and zesty sauce are the company’s new snack, rolled up into miniature buns, cinnamon-roll-style, to be eaten by hand. The doughy snacks are brushed with pizza sauce and toppings, baked and eaten while hot, and they’re available in four varieties.

First is a standard yet bold pepperoni flavor, stuffed with pepperoni pieces, mozzarella cheese and DiGiorno’s chunky tomato sauce. I’d suggest dipping the bites in Ranch for a cooling contrast.

Bachelorette number two is a five-cheese variety, sporting Asiago, Romano, parmesan, mozzarella and ricotta cheeses in one convenient bite of crust. Share these with your cheese connoisseur friends.

Then we have spinach-artichoke buns, reminiscent of the popular dip and flavored with the green veggies and a three-cheese blend. They’d make a scrumptious gamed-day snack.

Last is an option for meat lovers only: the Italian-style supreme bun. Those bad boys pack Italian sausage, pepperoni, onions, black olives, mozzarella, and green and red peppers into hearty dough bites. Sounds like dinner.

Pizza Buns mark DiGiorno’s first foray into the bite-size pizza market, and the online reviews are mixed. Some say the buns skimp on flavor, while others say the cheese and tomato sauce taste pretty pleasant. Some complain that the cheese isn’t gooey and melty enough, but that means, fortunately, that the sauce won’t burst and burn your mouth with every bite. Some say they’re not a very filling snack, but they’re easy to make and turn out well both baked and microwaved.

As for how much you might like them? It sounds like that’s something you’ll have to determine for yourself.

You can snag Pizza Buns in boxes of six for around $4 at your local supermarket. If you think you can master them better on your own, here’s a recipe for homemade pizza buns.

Looking for more creatively delicious ways to enjoy the marvelous flavors of pizza? Try our pepperoni pizza braid, pizza waffles or pizza wonton triangles

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This Guy’s Fridge Dispenses Pizza Rolls!


By Cooking Panda

Can you ever get enough Pizza Rolls? That’s a serious question, because some of us cannot, no matter how long it’s been since college. With this new invention, you can get Pizza Rolls on demand, which means it’s going to be okay.

Thanks to Delish, we’ve learned about a hacking trick from one imgur user that allows you to dispense these savory snacks straight from your ice tray. That is, it works if you have a refrigerator with an automatic ice dispenser. Pretty clever and innovative, if you ask me.

Just fill your ice tray with Totino’s Pizza Rolls and place your plate up to the dispensing button and watch them fall right onto your plate, ready for the microwave.

The Winnie the Pooh child’s plate is mandatory.

Now, when trying this crafty new trick, there are a couple of important points to remember: First, make sure and turn the actual ice dispenser off, because the cubes could bury and burn (freezer burn, I mean) the pizza snacks. Second, make sure that the ice tray is sufficiently clean … so clean that you can eat out of it. I know this is a weird one, because it should be clean for your ice anyway, but you might be surprised. Finally, remember that you can’t leave those Pizza Rolls in there for too long without eating them up, or they’ll get freezer burnt anyway. Just a few words of wisdom for you.

If Pizza Rolls aren’t your thing, but you want to be included in this fun new trick, I’m sure we can come up with some ideas of other foods that could potentially make their way through your ice dispenser. For example, what about chicken nuggets? Mini corn dog bits? Quiches? How about those little chocolate-covered cherries you’ve always got sitting in the freezer? Pour yourself a nice glass of champagne and dispense some chocolate covered cherries for a solo party. Am I the only one who thinks that sounds perfect?

However you decide to use this new idea, the result will fun and creative and all yours! Except the Pizza Roll idea. That wasn’t yours.

Sources: Delish, imgur / Photo Credit: Pete Zaroll/Instagram, imgur

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