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7 Places To Celebrate National Pizza Day (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

From the infectious beats of singer-songwriter Miguel and American rapper Travis Scott comes the song “Sky Walker,” which has been described as the quintessential “celebratory song.” One verse in Miguel’s synth-driven melody truly captures the sentiment of National Pizza Day — as well as a good philosophy to live by: “Celebrate every day like a birthday.”

To assist in your celebration, here is a lineup of seven incredible pizza slice deals happening on February 9, National Pizza Day!

Baskin-Robbins, “Sweetheart Polar Pizza”

This one’s a departure from the usual cheese slice, but true to the birthday theme, Baskin-Robbins’ “Sweetheart Polar Pizza” is both a cake and a pizza. From 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. at participating locations, you can get a free sample of this double-fudge crusted pizza pie, topped lavishly with Love Potion #31 Ice Cream, marshmallows, and festive heart sprinkles.

California Pizza Kitchen, “Cauliflower Pizza”

If balance is your friend, then cauliflower pizza is your soulmate. California Pizza Kitchen’s veggie-based crust is officially available at all locations, and for National Pizza Day, the restaurant will be substituting its classic thin crust for cauliflower crust — for free!

Chuck E. Cheese, “Thin & Crispy Pepperoni Pizza”

Chuck E. Cheese isn’t just for strung-out kids laboring over candy and pinball machines. It’s also a place where adults can become one with their youthful spirit. So, it’s totally within reason to cash in on a few rounds of Skee-Ball between slices of pizza. Luckily, Chuck E. Cheese is offering a BOGO deal you’d be sorry (and hungry) not to take advantage of. A large Thin & Crispy Pepperoni Pizza is yours free when you buy any large pizza when you use the code 5555.

Papa John’s, “Dual-Layer Pepperoni Pizza”

Are you more meat than cheese? If so, Papa John’s is looking at you. For a limited time, the pizza delivery company is offering $10 Dual-Layer Pepperoni Pizza — a meat-heavy pie with regular pepperoni and larger deli-style pepperoni.

Pizza Hut, “Two-Topping Pizza Special”

When you sign up for Hut Rewards, you’ll get a cool 30 percent off on all its pizzas for this pizza holiday only, so it behooves you to act fast. On top of this tasty deal is a $5.99 medium two-topping pizza special when you buy two or more pies, which is easy considering how fast those slices go.

Round Table Pizza, “Personal Pizza”

This popular West Coast pizza chain is giving away a handsome deal. Customers who purchase a Pepsi fountain drink between 2 p.m. and 5 p.m. will receive one free personal pizza with your choice of cheese or pepperoni. Swing by after work and make it a pizza dinner!

Whole Foods, “Take-and-Bake Pizzas”

For a quick and healthy dose of pizza on this wonderful national holiday, stop by Whole Foods for a take-and-bake pizza in tasty varieties like goat cheese and pesto, and spinach and mushroom for just $9.99.

Now, it’s time to chow down and eat like it’s your birthday!

Source: Delish / Featured Image: Pixabay / Embedded Images: Chew Boom, PureWow, Chuck E. Cheese, Foodbeast, Brand Eating, Round Table Pizza, Whole Foods Market 

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Pizza Hut Will Soon Deliver Booze To Your Door


By Cooking Panda

Name a more iconic duo than pizza and beer … I’ll wait.

The combo of savory carbs — one with crisp, boozy bubbles and the other with thick, greasy cheese — really is a match made in heaven. Now, you can get it delivered straight to your door from select Pizza Hut locations.

“We’re really uniquely positioned to be able to offer this service because many of our restaurants already serve beer and wine,” explained Stacy Lynn Bourgeois, Pizza Hut’s director of brand marketing, according to a QSR press release. “We were fortunate to have a system that would make it that easy, and really allow us to offer consumers oven-hot pizza and cold beer.”

The Yum! Brands chain will start by offering six-packs of Budweiser, Bud Light, Shock Top and Four Peaks Brewing’s Kilt Lifter, available to add for carryout and delivery, both online and over the phone.

“We’ve been laser focused on digital and delivery for a while now,” said Bourgeois. “I think this is really one way where we can provide a unique Pizza Hut delivery experience.”.

The service is starting in Phoenix on Dec. 5 to test the waters, but Pizza Hut is expected to expand it in early 2018, which is around the same time they plan to debut a wine option for Phoenix customers.

According to CNBC, the delivery driver will check the customer’s ID at the door, so make sure you have it on hand if you’re going to order some booze to go with your ‘za.

Since the pizza chain doesn’t use a third party delivery service like many other restaurants, and many locations already have a beer and wine license, execs saw it as a natural move, Bourgeois said in the QSR release.

“We believe we can be faster for consumers,” she explained. “We don’t have to make multiple stops to pick up beer from one place and hot pizza from another. And we already have a large network of delivery drivers to be able to get that experience to consumers. It will be seamless and easy. You can order your favorite pizza and beer all from one place.”

Sources: QSR, CNBC / Featured Image: Jerry Huddleston/Flickr

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Whole Pizza Hut Branch Shut Down After Footage Of Manager Goes Viral (Video)


By Cooking Panda

A Pizza Hut in Kermit, W.Va. was recently shut down by health officials after an in-store surveillance video showed the restaurant’s district manager urinating in the sink.

The unidentified manager takes at least two breaks on the video (below) to urinate in a sink in the kitchen, notes CBS Pittsburgh.

Pizza Hut said in a statement: “First of all, we are embarrassed by the actions of this individual. Pizza Hut has zero tolerance for violations of our operating standards, and the local owner of the restaurant took immediate action and terminated the employee involved.”

Pizza Hut said the incident happened after business hours.

The eatery has been closed down due to “conditions within the establishment constituting a substantial hazard to the public health,” says a sign on the door.

“It’s something you hope to never have to deal with but we take it seriously,” Brett Vance, of the Mingo County Health Department, told 13 News. “They’re closed until we do a thorough cleaning on the place and have the reassurance there are safeguards in place.”

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Pizza Hut Is Giving You Half-Off Pizzas!


By Cooking Panda

Love Pizza Hut? Or maybe it’s just your cheat-weekend and pizza’s on your mind. If so, you’re in luck! Pizza Hut is running a half-off promotion through the weekend of May 5 to May 7. Don’t miss out!

Brand Eating reports that this offer allows for half-off the price of any pizza you order online through May 7. Did you catch that? It has to be an online order. That part’s important. To get an idea of just how much your pizza would run thanks to this promotion, Brand Eating kindly supplied the following price information:

— Large Cheese Pizza – $6.50

— Large Pepperoni Pizza (1 topping) – $7.37

— Meat Lover’s Pizza (specialty pizza) – $9.00
    (Stuffed Crust is $1 extra on a large pizza with the discount.)

If you’re likely to miss the 50 percent off deal (or just planning on going on a pizza binge that will last longer than through May 7), there are some other Pizza Deals cash in on.

For example, you can try the $7.99 deal for a large two-topping pizza. EatDrinkDeals reports that his offer is also online-only, and available for a limited time. You can get the large two-topping for $7.99 deal, or opt for the large specialty pizza for $10.99 instead. Just click “Order Now” on Pizza Hut’s website or app. The deal is good for both the takeout and delivery options.

Other deals include two medium pizzas for $6.99 each, $10 for any large carryout pizza (online orders only), or $5 sides with any pizza purchase. You can find any of these deals on the website and you don’t even need a coupon code!

Based on the stipulations of these deals, it looks like Pizza Hut is really trying to push their online ordering. I guess they want us to see just how easy and convenient ordering from them can be. I’m all about easy and convenient! Looks to me like it’s going to be a weekend filled with pepperoni pizzas.

Since the pizza deals are so good, that leaves lots of extra room for the brownies and breadsticks. It’s the weekend, so bring on the carbs!

Sources: Brand Eating, EatDrinkDeals / Photo Credit: Lena/Flickr

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You Can Now Order Pizza Hut With Your Sneakers (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Springtime is fast approaching in the U.S., which for many people means both spring cleaning as well as spring wardrobe shopping. Soon, the time for winter coats will be behind us all, and more weather-appropriate clothing is in order!

Apparently, no food chain knows this better than Pizza Hut, because not only is it hoping to infiltrate your wardrobe, its hoping that its brand new high-top sneakers will also help you order a meal to welcome in the spring (video below).

That’s right, Pizza Hut has come up with perhaps its zaniest marketing gig yet: pairs of high-tops  that are called Pie Tops, of course, that allow consumers and wearers to order their favorite variety of Pizza Hut pizza by pushing a button on the shoes.

For fans who cannot afford the shoes, the pizza chain is also offering up a massive discount offer.

David Daniels, Pizza Hut’s VP of advertising and media, told AdAge of the shoes (designed by the Los Angeles-based Dominic Chambrone, aka “The Shoe Surgeon,”) that:

“The bulk of these will go to influencers (and) media, just to create buzz and talk value and we’ve reserved some for the opportunity for a select few Pizza Hut super fans to receive a pair of these custom Pie Top high-top tennis shoes.”

The deals don’t end with the shoes though: from March and into April 2017, customers can order a large, two-topping pizza online for $7.99; usually the same order would run pizza lovers $12.99.

How generous!

Check out the ad for the ridiculous Pie Tops below:

Sources: AdAgePizza Hut/YouTube / Photo Credit: Pizza Hut/YouTube

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You Can Now Order Pizza Hut With Your Voice


By Cooking Panda

Alexa is the name of Amazon’s new robot, to which you can ask questions, play music and order food, among other things. It only makes sense that Pizza Hut would partner with Amazon to use Alexa to order pizza as well.

Eater reports that Amazon’s Echo Dot, Tap, Fire TV and Fire tablet will all have a feature allowing users to order their favorite pizza with a simple command. How convenient is that? Possible pizza orders are: pepperoni, cheese, veggie lovers, meat lovers, and supreme. You can also order sides and drinks, such as: breadsticks, cinnamon sticks, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Mist Twist and Mountain Dew. The system connects with your online ordering through Pizza Hut’s website and even allows you to choose the credit card on file, or to pay in cash.

According to a press release from Pizza Hut, commands used to order pizza can be, “Alexa, ask Pizza Hut for a pizza, please,” and “Alexa, open Pizza Hut.”

Pizza Hut says it’s thrilled to be able to offer such a service to its customers. “Pizza Hut has and always will be devoted to serving customers pizza anywhere, anyhow, and anyway, and using the latest technology is no exception,” says one Pizza Hut spokesperson. “Amazon is great to work with and the Pizza Hut skill on Alexa is unlike any other pizza brand with flexible ordering from a menu of options without lifting a finger.”

Take a second to imagine that. You’re sitting on the couch, wrapped up in a blanket in PJs and feeling too comfortable to move, or too sloppy to be seen in public, and you can just say the words and the pizza is on its way. This is revolutionary, especially for major Pizza Hut fans like me. It almost makes me want to have a robot in my house that can listen to all of my conversations.

All jokes aside, Pizza Hut serves and delivers more pizza than any other pizza company in the world, and therefore, this certainly won’t be the last innovative move on its part. It’s time to sit back, eat some pizza and watch what more will unfold.

Sources: Eater, Pizza Hut Press Release / Photo Credit: Pizza Hut via Eater

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Pizza Hut’s Cheesy Holiday Bites Look Really Weird


By Cooking Panda

Pizza Hut Singapore has come out with a new, festive holiday pizza. It’s called the Cheesy Bites Santa Supreme, and is served with red and green parmesan-flavored breadcrumbs on top.

Brand Eating reports that the pizza also comes with honey-baked turkey ham, turkey bacon, peppers, tomatoes, mushrooms, pineapples and jalapeno cheese sauce for dipping. The most festive part? While the cheesy bites are typically filled with cheese or cheesy sausage, one bite is filled with chocolate. That’s festive, right?

It’s fun, anyway. Most likely you’re not craving chocolate while enjoying the savory flavors of sausage and cheese, but you just might bite into a chocolate-filled … cheesy bite. I think Pizza Hut Singapore is probably getting a good chuckle out of this. The red and green breadcrumbs are a nice holiday touch, if it doesn’t feel a little too weird eating bread with green crumbles intentionally placed there. Green isn’t the most appetizing color for bread, but I guess it’s okay if you’re in the holiday spirit.

According to the Pizza Hut Singapore website, the Cheesy Bites Santa Supreme can be purchased in a pair deal with a pan pizza of your choice, or it can be purchased as part of the Big Santa Box, which includes a pasta choice, chicken tenders, honey roasted wings and garlic bread. You can even get the Cheesy Bites Santa Supreme as a Hawaiian option, if you so choose. I’m hoping you’d still get the sprinkles and the random chocolate-filled piece, because, you know, let’s keep it fun.

Finally, there’s the “Merry Feast”; a holiday meal being offered, which, of course, incorporates this new festive treat along with a large pan or thin-crusted pizza, an order of Wingstreet wings, two garlic bread loaves and a free warm apple tart to finish it off.

So, in case you were worried about a lack of options for enjoying this festive holiday treat, Pizza Hut has you covered. Enjoy any mix of these new offers, and just try not to be the one who gets fooled with the chocolate cheesy bite. Unless that’s what you want, of course.

Sources: Brand Eating, Pizza Hut Singapore / Photo Credit: Pizza Hut Singapore/Instagram

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Get Paid To Travel The U.S., Eat Pizza And Watch Sports


By Cooking Panda

If you are reading this with a pizza slice in one hand and remote control in the other while screaming at your favorite college sports team like you do every night, we have something important to tell you.

No, your life isn’t pathetic. We’d never say that.

In fact, someone is searching for your particular skill set at this very moment!

As it happens, that someone is Pizza Hut. And they want to pay you $50,000 to travel the country for a year, shoving pizza into your mouth and watching/tweeting about NCAA championship games. If this sounds like something you would be doing anyway, then you might as well get paid for it, right?

“This is one of those rare once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to experience something that no one has done before,” David Daniels, Pizza Hut’s Vice President of Media & Advertising said in the pizza chain’s press release. “We know that college sports fans are as passionate about their teams as we are about pizza, and as the Official Pizza of the NCAA, we felt it was our obligation to bring exclusive Pizza Hut experiences to Division I NCAA championships, especially those that often don’t get the limelight. We cannot wait to send our first-ever Pizza Hut All-American to bring incredible Pizza Hut experiences to these events and celebrate the great fandom that exists across all college sports.”

Pizza Hut partnered with the NCAA, Turner Sports and CBS Sports, and is looking for an “All-American talent” who is passionate about all college sports, great with social media, and “outgoing, enthusiastic and eager to share their All-American journey with fans online.” If this sounds like you, make sure to apply by Nov. 6!

So if you want to spend your year downing Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza (yes, that’s a thing!) across the country and cheering for your favorite teams, send in that application ASAP!

Sources: Pizza Hut, Philly Voice / Photo credit: Pizza Hut/Instagram

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Pizza Hut Now Has A Pizza Ordering Tattoo


By Cooking Panda

Do you ever get tired of having to click or call to order your favorite pizza from Pizza Hut? Or, maybe you just get bored ordering pizza the same way every time? Sounds like a stretch, but Pizza Hut seems to agree.

In an effort to provide a new and easier way of ordering pizza, Pizza Hut has begun a new temporary tattoo ordering method. And yes, it’s just as strange as it sounds. Eater reports that the tattoo is like your ordinary stick-on, except that it knows where you live and it knows your favorite pizza. Minor differences, right?

It sports a QR code that you can scan with your smart phone and then choose from the take out or delivery options to order your pizza. Spooky as it is, the tattoo is pre-programmed using a combination of Near Field Communication (NFC), QR, and the GPS module in your smart phone to find your location, and the pizza you like.

According to Metro News, there will be only 40 of these temporary pizza-ordering tats available to the public, and the best way to get your hands on one is by monitoring Pizza Hut’s Facebook page.

So, where is this coming from, you might ask? Well, the largest pizza chains have been competing for the most innovative ways to allow customers to order pizza. Domino’s has had the upper hand so far, with pizza-carrying robots, pizza ordering via emoji, the “Zero clicks ordering app,” and more.

These new endeavors in pizza ordering have given Domino’s about a 13 percent spike in sales. When you think about the size of Domino’s, you’ll realize that 13 percent is actually a pretty huge number.

At the same time, Pizza Hut’s sales have fallen about two percent. It’s only natural that they’d think to do some of what Domino’s is doing, with perhaps their own little spin on it. So the tattoo thing doesn’t seem to be too practical, but hey at least they’re trying. I’m sure future ideas will keep them in the game. Just keep innovating, Pizza Hut!

Sources: Eater, Metro News / Photo credit: Pizza Hut via Eater

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Pizza Hut Has A New Grilled Cheese Pizza And It Looks Amazing


By Cooking Panda

Pizza Hut is at it again, adding extra cheese wherever it can. In this case it’s within the crust of the new Grilled Cheese Stuffed Crust Pizza.

The new pizza has made its debut and will be available for only a limited time. Knowing this, the folks at Business Insider report that they were anxious to try it. They have been thoughtful enough to offer a review of the pizza with the rest of us, and it’s not quite what I expected.

First, they said that the crust was delicious. It’s not the same as Pizza Hut’s regular stuffed crust pizza, as I had thought originally. Business Insider reports that it’s thinner, with breadcrumbs on top to add crunch and butter to give it more of a grilled cheese sandwich quality. All in all, they felt the crust was so good that it should be available on any of Pizza Hut’s pizza orders, even without the cheese stuffing.

On the other hand, it was reported that the cheese wasn’t all that great. Now, I knew it was a mix of cheddar and mozzarella, as we like to do when making our own grilled cheese sandwiches, but it was reported that the taste of the cheeses clashed with the rest of the pizza and hardened too much upon cooling. That makes it a little less tempting, to be sure.

Brand Eating reports that this pizza is $12.99 for a large one-topping, so I’d recommend trying it for yourself to determine how you really feel about the taste. I know I will.

Of course, you don’t have to get it with only one topping. Maybe there are several toppings that would mesh well with the cheesy crust. What if you try it with bacon and banana peppers? Maybe with tomatoes and basil?

I can’t imagine the cheese would clash with everything. Let’s give it a chance and see what we can create with innovative topping ideas.

Sources: Brand Eating, Business Insider / Photo credit: Brand Eating

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Pizza Hut Is Heading Into Football Season With A Playable Pizza Box


By Cooking Panda

Pizza Hut is at it again, adding fun to an otherwise boring old piece of cardboard. It wasn’t long ago that they debuted the DJ Pizza Box, but now it’s time for some friendly competition — flick football style.

 Just in time for 2016’s fall football season, Pizza Hut is introducing the Flick Football pizza box. If you aren’t familiar, flick football is a game played by using a folded piece of paper (triangle shaped) and flicking it into the opponent’s goal post, which is usually just the other player’s fingers.

According to CNBC, this promotion will run from August 29 through October 14, and all medium pizzas will be served in this box. The box itself will feature a football field design printed on top, and detachable goal posts, a score card and flickable cardboard triangles to represent footballs.

In a press release, Pizza Hut’s Chief Marketing Officer David Timm says “We know our fans enjoy a little competition and we’re happy to provide a platform that lets them get in on the game in a whole new way while watching their favorite team. … [w]e are proud to bring some entertainment to the table along with our $5 flavor menu.”

How is this connected to a $5 flavor menu, you ask? Well, fans that enter Pizza Hut’s “Flick Football Challenge” on Twitter are entered for a chance to win a free $5 dinner box. This box includes a medium one-topping pizza, bread sticks and the Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie. You may want wings instead of bread sticks, or the brownie instead of the cookie, it’s all fair game.

Participate by posting a video of your flick football game onto Twitter, tagging @PizzaHut and using the hashtag #PizzaHutHut. You can win based on different criteria which changes from week to week. Sometimes Pizza Hut may be looking for the longest flicked football, or sometimes they may want to see the longest unbroken “kicking” back and forth.

Keep up with Pizza Hut on Twitter to learn more and follow the competition!

Sources: Pizza Hut/PR Newswire, CNBC, Pizza Hut/Twitter / Photo credit: Pizza Hut/PR Newswire

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Why Yes, Pizza Hut Did Create A Pizza Box You Can Play Like A DJ (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Now you can be the DJ you’ve always wanted to be! Well, at least you can try after eating some pizza.

Pizza Hut has launched what has been deemed “the world’s first playable DJ pizza box.” It’s hard to be innovative when it comes to pizza, but Pizza Hut has taken your next meal to the next step.

“FAAAAAM @pizzahutuk made decks out of their Pizza Boxes hahaha that’s actually sick,” tweeted one fan.

“I want a @pizzahutuk Pizza Hut Dj box I don’t want one I neeeeeeeed one!!!!,” wrote ‏another.

Created by Novalia, expert in printed electronics, the battery-powered cardboard box has touch-sensitive decks that have imitated the sensation of using a classic DJ turntable, according to EnGadget. The apparatus connects to a computer or smartphone through Bluetooth and is compatible with DJ software, such as DJ Pro or Serato.

Rinse FM’s DJ Vectra explained in a video posted on Pizza Hut Restaurants UK YouTube channel: 

You have the standard setup of any normal DJ setup. You got your volume controls, it’s got a pitch speed up, slow down as normal. You’ve got your cue button, your sync button, and your play button, of course.

You also have a mixer to switch between both tracks, as standard. You also have a scratch feature. And in the other side you have the exact same setup. … 

Select your two tracks and you are in the mix just like your favorite DJ.

The playable DJ pizza boxes will be given away at Pizza Hut restaurants throughout the U.K.

Alison Wonderland, self-proclaimed music maker with the Wonderland Warehouse Project, told the company, “Yo @pizzahutuk I don’t live in the UK but I’m gonna need this ASAP.”

“[Expletive] brexit I’m moving back to the UK to become a cardboard dj,” wrote a Twitter user.

As only five will be available throughout the region’s 350 locations, the Pizza Hut UK Twitter account is going to offer clues, the first of which will be released on August 19.

“Just 5 in total :(,” wrote another fan. “Damn, i’m never going to be the cardboard DJ I need to be.”

Sources: EnGadget, Pizza Hut Restaurants UK/YouTube, Pizza Hut UK/Twitter, US Magazine / Photo credit: Pizza Hut Restaurants UK/YouTube

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You Can Now Order At Pizza Hut Using Only Emojis


By Cooking Panda

July 17 is World Emoji Day, and Pizza Hut is pulling out all of the stops to ensure that its customers can celebrate the holiday in style.

According to The Sun, six Pizza Hut restaurants across the United Kingdom will be offering patrons the chance to order from an entirely emoji-based menu from now until July 17. The limited-edition offering was designed as a celebration of both World Emoji day and Unicode’s recent release of 72 new emojis.

In the words of Kath Austin, Pizza Hut’s director of HR and marketing, “Emojis have been named the world’s fastest growing language, so what better way to honor World Emoji Day and the recent release of 72 new emojis than by creating our very own emoji-themed menu for customers to decipher and have some fun with. We have a huge focus on menu innovation and having already launched a brand new menu recently, we hope customers enjoy decrypting the emoji version as much as we did creating it!”

While emojis have become an important part of our texting and social media language, we think that pizza-ordering might be their true calling. After all, the only thing more fun than eating pizza might be using emojis to order that pizza!

Currently, the emoji menu is available at Pizza Hut restaurants located in The Strand in London, Birmingham’s Bullring, Edinburgh’s Hanover Street, Manchester’s Fountain Street, Liverpool’s Paradise Street, and Cardiff’s Queens Street. However, if the menu catches on, there’s no telling where it might appear next.

Check out the full menu below to see if you have the emoji-knowledge to decipher it, and then start planning your own personal celebration for World Emoji Day!

Source: The Sun / Photo credits: Pizza Hut, Liverpool ECHO

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‘Humanoid’ Robots Coming To Pizza Hut Japan (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Pizza Hut customers in Japan will soon be able to order from a “humanoid” robot.

Similar to the robots used in this Shanghai Kentucky Fried Chicken, select Pizza Hut locations in Japan will employ a human-like robot named Pepper. This initiative is sponsored by MasterPass, the digital wallet and mobile payments system from MasterCard, as reported by Eater.

Pepper has been lauded as the first robot in the world that can read human emotions by using “facial recognition systems to judge a customer’s mood and perhaps offer add-on products, trying to capitalize on how the customer is feeling,” as reported by Wall Street Journal. As Pepper has been designed to be as similar to a human as possible, customers can interact with the robot by greeting him.

The robot, which has been designed by SoftBank, has been employed throughout various businesses in Japan, according to Financial Times. Of the several thousand Peppers currently in use throughout the country, about one-third can be seen in business settings, such as Nestle and Mizuho Bank, and in a variety of roles, including customer assistants and demonstration aides.  

Nevertheless, employing Pepper in Pizza Hut would be a first for the innovation. In such an environment, consumers would deal entirely with the robot, from ordering food to paying for their purchases.

Pepper has been constructed to talk with customers, answer questions, and letting them pay for their purchases via their cellphones. MasterCard said this initiative is an attempt to see how payments may be conducted in a variety of settings, and they may deploy Pepper in other establishments, such as airports and hotels. Nevertheless, MasterCard said that employees need not worry that robots will take  their jobs.

 “We’re not trying to replace anything,” said John Sheldon, head of the MasterCard’s innovation management. “There will be human staff.”

Sources: Eater, Financial Times / Photo Credit: The Verge

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Enjoy The Hershey’s Toasted S’mores Cookie At Pizza Hut This Summer!


By Cooking Panda

For those days when there’s no time for a bonfire with cookies and s’mores, Pizza Hut has come up with the next best thing.

Starting on May 23 for a limited time, Pizza Hut is offering the Hershey’s Toasted S’mores Cookie at participating locations.This dessert consists of the Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie topped with mini marshmallows, pieces of graham crackers and Hershey’s Milk Chocolate, according to Brand Eating.

“The new Hershey’s Toasted S’mores Cookie builds on our history of innovative, delicious desserts, and brings familiar flavors together into one quality dessert that everyone will gather around the table – or campfire – to enjoy,” said Jared Drinkwater, Pizza Hut vice president of marketing, as reported by Street Insider.

The Hershey Company has partnered with Pizza Hut to offer other exclusive desserts, such as the Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie and Hershey’s Triple Chocolate Brownie.

“Hershey’s chocolate is synonymous with s’mores and summer, making this new dessert, from Pizza Hut, a perfect twist on the summer classic,” said Herb Ring, foodservice director at The Hershey Company. “The new Hershey’s Toasted S’mores Cookie … puts an innovative twist on the classic summer s’mores dessert.”

The Toasted S’mores Cookie will be offered for $6.99 separately and as part of the Pizza Hut $5 Flavor Menu. Several menu items, including a medium one-topping pizza, eight bone-out WingStreet Wings, Tuscani Pasta, stuffed garlic knots, a double order of breadsticks or flavor sticks, four 20-oz. beverages, Ultimate Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie, Hershey’s Triple Chocolate Brownie, and Hershey’s Toasted S’mores Cookie are each available for $5 when customers purchase at least two.

Sources: Street Insider, Brand Eating / Photo credit: Brand Eating

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Pizza Hut Launches New Craft Beer Pizzas — But There’s One Catch


By Cooking Panda

These are a few of my favorite things…

You know, I never really thought about it before, but over the past years Pizza Hut has steadily been transforming itself from your run-of-the-mill pizza conglomerate (not that there’s anything wrong with that) into The Master Innovators Of Crust.

In 1995 the chain introduced us to the now standard cheesy-crust; since then, it has notably stuffed its crusts with garlic knots (“knot” your average pizza) and even hot dogs (though the jury is still out on that one).

And now Pizza Hut is back at it again with a new craft beer-infused pizza dough that will be given a trial run this week — but there’s a catch. The new pizza concoction is a limited edition menu item for one day only (Friday, May 20th) as well as at one restaurant only – the Finchley Lido Pizza Hut, located in London.

Forget Stella Kowalski; I can literally (in the figurative sense) hear every single American sinking down to their collective knees and screaming: PIIIIIIIIII-ZZAAAAAAAA!


The new pizza has been designed in two special-edition flavors: The Steak Feast and The American Hot. In order to receive a free taste of the pie, patrons will need to whisper/croon/sign/what-have-you the secret words, “I Like it Hop,” to their server when they purchase a beer of their choice, reports the Mirror.

According to Metro, The Steak Feast is a three-cheese blend topped with steak pieces, mushrooms, and caramelized and spring onions served on a beer BBQ sauce; The American hot is a three-cheese blend vegetarian pizza, topped with sweetcorn, mushrooms, caramelized and spring onions, roquito chills, and jalapenos, and served on a beer BBQ sauce.

Kath Austin, Director of HR and Marketing at Pizza Hut Restaurants, told the Mirror:

We know that craft beers are really popular right now and we’re celebrating this not just by adding craft beers to our menus, but also by adding this to our pizza dough.

We also know that for many of our customers nothing beats enjoying their favorite pizza with an ice-cold beer, so we thought this would be the perfect culinary union.

It took our team many hours to perfect the recipes and flavor combinations, but all of their hard work definitely paid off as we’re thrilled with the results and can’t wait for our customers to try them.

We’re proud to be the first chain in the UK to trial a beer-infused dough base, and look forward to hopefully rolling these out nationwide if they prove popular.

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Sources: New York Times, Pizza Hut Blog, Mirror, Metro / Photo credits: Pizza Hut via Mirror, Metro

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Pizza Hut Debuts Its Most Glorious Creation Yet


By Cooking Panda

Move aside, pizza box made out of pizza!

Pizza Hut just debuted a new stuffed crust pizza, and this one is even better than the last! The fast food giant announced recently that it will start serving cheesy-bacon stuffed crust pizza nationwide, meaning that you can now have bacon (and pizza) for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

While Pizza Hut has come up with some pretty wacky creations in the past, from hot dog stuffed crust to cheesy Dorito crust, we have a feeling this newest adaptation might just be a winner. After all, who can say no to bacon?

Don’t waste too much time feasting your eyes on the glory that is cheesy-bacon stuffed pizza though—after all, your very own pie is only a click or a phone call away!

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Source: delish / Photo credits: pizzahut/Instagram (2)

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Pizza Hut Employees Fired After Footage Goes Viral (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Being stuck at work on New Year’s Eve isn’t the ideal way to spend the night. So when a group of Pizza Hut employees in Cypress, California, had to spend Dec. 31 making pizzas, they reportedly took the opportunity to celebrate in their own special way — by getting high (video below).

The employees took turns taking bong rips at the fast food chain and filming it, Mashable reports.

Once the YouTube video went viral, many wondered how many health code violations they may have broken. Others, however, were supportive of the Pizza Hut workers.

“Bold marketing campaign,” YouTube user CheezitsChrist wrote. “Your move, Domino’s.”

“In order to sell pizza to people who are stoned, you must be stoned yourself,” user Alex Farnsworth wrote. “Where do you think all those crazy Taco Bell ideas come from? Sober people?”

Sources: MashableOMGVideos/YouTube / Photo credit: Screenshot

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Entire Pizza Hut Location Shut Down After Footage Of Manager Goes Viral (Video)


By Cooking Panda

A Pizza Hut in Kermit, W.Va. was recently shut down by health officials after an in-store surveillance video showed the restaurant’s district manager urinating in the sink.

The unidentified manager takes at least two breaks on the video (below) to urinate in a sink in the kitchen, notes CBS Pittsburgh.

Pizza Hut said in a statement: “First of all, we are embarrassed by the actions of this individual. Pizza Hut has zero tolerance for violations of our operating standards, and the local owner of the restaurant took immediate action and terminated the employee involved.”

Pizza Hut said the incident happened after business hours.

The eatery has been closed down due to “conditions within the establishment constituting a substantial hazard to the public health,” says a sign on the door.

“It’s something you hope to never have to deal with but we take it seriously,” Brett Vance, of the Mingo County Health Department, told 13 News. “They’re closed until we do a thorough cleaning on the place and have the reassurance there are safeguards in place.”

Sources: 13 News and CBS Pittsburgh

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