This Note Sparks A Pineapple Pizza Feud On Twitter (Photos)


By Cooking Panda

What’s so wrong with pineapple on your pizza? I mean, if you don’t like it that’s okay, but why the anger? I don’t like black olives on my pizza, but I don’t get angry at people who do. What gives?

According to Huffington Post, one Twitter user posted a picture showing a pineapple-less pizza with a note (allegedly from the pizza place) on the box along with a five dollar bill, stating “Couldn’t bring myself to put pineapple on it. That’s gross. Sorry.” Of course, she had ordered the pizza with pineapple, so this was a problem …

Not only did the note stir obvious outrage on social media, but some even accused the Twitter user of making the whole thing up.

Whether or not you believe that this actually happened, the feud that it sparked is real. The truth is, this battle has been going on for quite a long time, and some of us are as puzzled as ever. Why is pineapple on pizza so offensive?

Remember when Iceland’s president said he’d personally ban pineapple as a pizza topping if he could? He said we should replace the satisfyingly sweet topping with fish! What is wrong with the world?

Anyhow, the infamous battle between pineapple pizza lovers and pineapple pizza haters rages on. We may never know the reason behind all of the hate for this one topping. Maybe it’s because pineapples don’t grow in Italy?

Sources: Huffington Post / Photo Credit: Leetty's Kichen/Instagram

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Pizza Hut Now Has A Pizza Ordering Tattoo


By Cooking Panda

Do you ever get tired of having to click or call to order your favorite pizza from Pizza Hut? Or, maybe you just get bored ordering pizza the same way every time? Sounds like a stretch, but Pizza Hut seems to agree.

In an effort to provide a new and easier way of ordering pizza, Pizza Hut has begun a new temporary tattoo ordering method. And yes, it’s just as strange as it sounds. Eater reports that the tattoo is like your ordinary stick-on, except that it knows where you live and it knows your favorite pizza. Minor differences, right?

It sports a QR code that you can scan with your smart phone and then choose from the take out or delivery options to order your pizza. Spooky as it is, the tattoo is pre-programmed using a combination of Near Field Communication (NFC), QR, and the GPS module in your smart phone to find your location, and the pizza you like.

According to Metro News, there will be only 40 of these temporary pizza-ordering tats available to the public, and the best way to get your hands on one is by monitoring Pizza Hut’s Facebook page.

So, where is this coming from, you might ask? Well, the largest pizza chains have been competing for the most innovative ways to allow customers to order pizza. Domino’s has had the upper hand so far, with pizza-carrying robots, pizza ordering via emoji, the “Zero clicks ordering app,” and more.

These new endeavors in pizza ordering have given Domino’s about a 13 percent spike in sales. When you think about the size of Domino’s, you’ll realize that 13 percent is actually a pretty huge number.

At the same time, Pizza Hut’s sales have fallen about two percent. It’s only natural that they’d think to do some of what Domino’s is doing, with perhaps their own little spin on it. So the tattoo thing doesn’t seem to be too practical, but hey at least they’re trying. I’m sure future ideas will keep them in the game. Just keep innovating, Pizza Hut!

Sources: Eater, Metro News / Photo credit: Pizza Hut via Eater

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Humans And Robots Were Too Slow, So Dominos Is Now Delivering Pizzas By Drone


By Cooking Panda

We were just telling you in June that pizza-making robots were going to bring you your Domino’s pizza. Well, it’s been two months and it seems robots just aren’t cutting it. Domino’s is ready to talk drones.

Let’s do a quick recap here. First, Domino’s told us if you don’t get your pizza in 30 minutes, it’s free. Then they introduced 20 minute and 15 minute delivery times. Next, they decided robots that could carry up to 10 pizzas and deliver to a 20 mile radius would ensure the quickest and most efficient deliveries. Now, they are experimenting with drones! Talk about catering to your audience.

Domino’s in New Zealand has partnered with Flirtey, a U.S. drone delivery service, according to Quartz. Tests are, therefore, to take place in New Zealand first. However, this isn’t the first time Domino’s has experimented with drone deliveries. Quartz reports that they’ve tried this idea in both the U.K. and Greece, but it wasn’t for us regular customers as this would be.

Domino’s is still experimenting with robots in Australia, so clearly that idea hasn’t died. Maybe they’re just playing around with ideas and learning what will work best. Who knows? Maybe they’ll employ robots and drones, and all of our ordering will be through apps and the website. What a crazy thought, that someday there may not be any humans taking our orders or making and delivering our pizzas!

According to Eater, drone-maker Flirtey is also working with 7-Eleven to arrange deliveries to our doors. Imagine ordering doughnuts and Slurpees after finishing your pizza, and everything just appearing right at your doorstep, hanging from a rope attached to a hovering drone.

U.S. aviary regulations going into effect later in August don’t allow drones to deliver out of eyesight of operators; so it will probably be a while before we actually see the drone deliveries here. In the meantime, we can look forward to the arrival of the robots we’ve been so looking forward to meeting.

Sources: Eater, Quartz / Photo credits: Domino's Pizza/InstagramDronMarket/Instagram

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Pizza-Making Robots Are Here, And They Want To Deliver Your Pie To You


By Cooking Panda

While I’ve never personally considered the current pizza-delivery model to be particularly outdated — any system that specializes in ensuring that I end up with a pizza in my hands gets an A-OK from me — there are plenty of people who say the pizza business is in need of an upgrade.

One former video game executive, for example, has come forth with his mission to revolutionize the pizza model — with robots, naturally.

Alex Garden, a Silicon Valley insider and founder of Zume Pizza, gave Bloomberg an inside look at his pizza manufacturing plant, which is staffed by a team of enormous, super-efficient robots that expertly prep the pies. Later, the pizzas get delivered by a van retrofitted with ovens that bake the food en route to customers.

If you are somebody who believes that food just doesn’t taste as good without that sweet ol’-fashioned dose of authentic human love, Garden still wants to cater to you; his robots have been assigned cute humanoid names (like Bruno and Marta) and are even programmed to spread sauce “perfectly but not too perfectly, so it looks just like an artisan product.”

First, a little robotic nub swishes the sauce atop a pizza crust; next, the pie travels down a conveyor belt to be decorated (by humans!); then, Bruno and his giant robotic arm transfers the pizzas to be pre-baked in an 850-degree Fahrenheit oven.

Once an order is placed, the van-oven hybrid (each van comes equipped with 56 remotely controlled ovens) finishes cooking the pizzas during the delivery process. Upon arrival, machines then eject the pies from the oven and slice them.

“It would be like Domino’s without the labor component,” Garden says. “You can start to see how incredibly profitable that can be.”

“We want to be the Amazon of food,” Garden adds.

According to Bloomberg, several pizza companies have already begun to experiment with turning the pizza business into a fully automated process; Consumerist reports that Dominos, for example, is currently testing an autonomous delivery vehicle, while Pizza Hut previously collaborated with SoftBank and MasterCard to develop a robotic cashier.

Sources: Bloomberg, Consumerist / Photo credit: Amicos Pizza TX

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Domino’s Pizza Launches ‘Zero Click’ App (Video)


By Cooking Panda

Do you order the same pizza so often that it’s worthy of its own app? Do you want to be able to order said signature pizza with as little effort as humanly possible? If so, Domino’s Pizza has a possible solution for you, as they recently introduced the “zero click” app.

Several options are already available to order pizza from Domino’s, such as the Amazon Echo method, Easy Order button, emoji tweet, or through your Xbox One, Samsung Smart TV, Apple Watch. Now, there’s an option that only requires you to open the app and wait out the 10-second timer.

Prior to utilizing the app, users need to log into their Domino’s Pizza accounts to set up their pizza preference through the “Easy Order” setting. Once this initial setup is complete, all you need to do is launch the app and wait.

However, there are a few possible problems that could occur with such an app, as anyone who owns a smartphone could tell you.

How often have you opened the wrong app when consciously looking at your phone? How many times a week do you take your phone out of your pocket or purse to see that you’ve accidentally dialed someone, sent a text, or launched an app?

It’s possible the stress of having to cancel an order during the 10-second countdown, or the risk of having a pizza delivered to your home unexpectedly, may potentially cancel out the minimal effort desired by a “zero click” app.

Then again, who wouldn’t welcome a beloved pizza if it showed up by surprise?

So sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Sources: Engadget, The Verge / Photo Credit: Domino's Pizza/YouTube

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