Here’s How To Make Spooky Glow-In-The-Dark Pie (Video)


By Cooking Panda

It’s never too early to spook-ify your life up in preparation for Halloween.

If there’s one dessert that seems to hold up during every season, it might just be pie.

You can make an autumn-themed and cozy pie by filling it with pumpkin flavors; during the holiday season, there’s nothing more winter-appropriate than a cozy mince pie enjoyed with family. When spring comes, strawberry rhubarb seems appropriate; and during summer we’re all about some summer peach pie enjoyed after a barbecue!

But you know what’s been lacking in pie? A Halloweeny quality — an ability to glow in the dark, to be specific. Until now.

Pie maker and creative filmmaker extraordinaire, Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin, runs a blog called Pies Are Awesome, and she has come up with an amazing method that allows you to make a delicious pie, and then get it to glow in the dark.

Essentially, you just need tonic water, which has luminescent properties, and boil it with some agar-agar. The result? A super amazing gel that you can pipe into your pie crust to make it glow, baby, glow!

Interested? Check out the video on YouTube (below):

Sources: Pies Are Awesome, Pies Are Awesome/YouTube / Photo Credit: Pies Are Awesome/YouTube

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