10 Ways To Organize Your Kitchen With Dollar Store Finds


By Cooking Panda

1. Organize your refrigerator with small bins.

Designate plastic boxes for groups of food like sandwich ingredients, vegetables, fruit, etc. This will help you use whatever space you have more efficiently. You can do the same thing in your pantry, too.

2. Put tension rods in your shelves.

Tension rods help store your cutting boards, baking sheets and serving plates for easy access, and allow for more efficient use of those big shelves that tend to fill up with clutter.

3. Or buy a wire rack and zip ties to keep cutting boards inside your cabinet door.

If you have extra space in the front of your cabinets, install cheap wire racks behind the doors, using zip ties across the bottom to keep the cutting boards secure. Make sure you install the racks low enough that your tallest cutting board easily fits with the door closed.

4. Shower caps double as lids for leftovers.

If you hate struggling with plastic wrap, throw a cheap shower cap on top of your dish and store as is. Genius.

5. Pile your canned food in small baskets.

Bonus points if you label them according to type.

6. Inexpensive gift wrap makes great drawer lining.

They may be temporary, but it’s easy enough to replace when it gets torn or dirty — much easier than cleaning the drawer.

7. Keep your favorite recipes in a binder.

Did your mom give you her old box of recipes that she doesn’t use anymore? Put them in a binder for easier access and organization. This is great if you have piles of loose recipes everywhere.

8. Store your pots and lids with binder clips and s-hooks.

Easy, functional, and saves a ton of space. Make sure you use large binder clips.

9. Buy some self-adhesive hooks to accessibly store your measuring spoons.

This saves time if you use a lot of spices or if you bake often.

10. Wax paper, plastic wrap, or cling film makes a great refrigerator liner.

It’s way easier than scrubbing out those sticky spills.


If you are still having trouble keeping your kitchen clean, the Kitchn recommends setting a timer for five minutes each day. If you clean for five minutes, great. If you space out, the ding! will keep you on track.

Sources: BuzzFeed, The Kitchn / Photo Credit: BuzzFeed

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